Shortcuts TopSolid for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the TopSolid for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 51 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

Operation Manager

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F2 Comment Edition
F3 Operation Search
F4 Link edition
Ctrl+L Show Layers Dialog Box
Ctrl+I Display Information On Selected Operation
Ctrl+D Display Database Structure On Selected Operation
Ctrl+X Cut Selected Operations
Ctrl+V Paste Selected Operation


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Specebar Stop or Start a Simulation
/ Jump to The Next Move
Z Jump to The Next New Z Point
+ Increase The Simulation Speed
- Reduce The Simulation Speed
Esc Left The Simulation
Tab Jump to The Simulation of The Next Operation


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Left Arrow Go Back to The Initial State
Spacebar Stop or Start a Verification
/ Next Cut
T Show The Tool Path
S Change The Tool Path Display
A Display The Current WCS
Z Zoom on An Area of The Part
P Execute An Hardcopy
+ Increase The Verification Speed
- Increase The Verification Speed

Part Clamping

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+ Rotate The Selected Clamp In The Counter Clockwise Direction
- Rotate The Selected Clamp In The Clockwise Direction
F Opan The Face Selection Where to Put The Clamp
X Lock/Umlock X Axis for Clamp Positioning
Y Lock/Umlock Y Axis for Clamp Positioning
Z Lock/Umlock Z Axis for Clamp Positioning
F1 On-Line Help
F2 Information on Selected Element
F3&Lmb Zoom
F4&Lmb Pan
F5&Lmb Axial Rotation Along X
F6&Lmb Axial Rotation Along Y
F7&Lmb Axial Rotation Along Z
F8&Lmb Graphical Section
F9&Lmb Spherical Rotation
F11 Recorganize The Floating Icon Bars
F12 Display/Hide The Floating Icon Bars
Ctrl+Z Undo Step By Step
Esc Exit of The Current Function
Ctrl+A Cancel All Actions of The Current Function
Ctrl+O Open/Close Symbolic Tree
Ctrl+1 Fit Screen Zoom
Ctrl+Tab Toggle Between Open TopSolid Documents
Ctrl+Lmb Spherical Rotation
Shift+Lmb Pan
Ctrl+Shift+Lmb Zoom
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program