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Typically, a mouse is used to control a PC. However, if you use the keyboard, certain tasks can be performed through a combination of hot keys. This is a kind of HESOYAM, but not in the GTA, but in the program in which you work. At HotKeysWorld, you will find hot key lists for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, as well as for text, graphics, music, professional programs, games, web applications.

During work, repeated actions are common. If you remember the hot key combinations , the work will go faster and will not be so routine. Of course, you still need to get used to using the keyboard. This is to some extent a blind seal & ndash; fingers with each press get used to the location of the keys, and you no longer need to search, for example, Ctrl + C, to copy the text.

The most used keys intersect with Ctrl, Alt and Shift, as well as F, regardless of the operating system. These are modifier keys that help designate an action. Virtually all combinations include these keys. Remember those combinations that are responsible for the actions you often repeat, and the work will go faster. All actions apply to the English layout.

Shortcuts can be specified in the program help. If you did not find the required combination, use our service. We split the combinations into groups to make it easier for you to find the action you need.