Shortcuts Pro Tools for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Pro Tools for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 121 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

File Menu

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⌘+N New session...
⌘+O Open session...
⌘+Shift+O Open recent
⌘+Shift+W Close session
⌘+S Save
⌘+Option+B Bounce to - Disk...
Option+Shift+I Import - Session data...
⌘+Shift+I Import - Audio...
⌘+Option+I Import - MIDI...
⌘+Option+Shift+I Import - Video...
⌘+P Print score...
⌘+Q Exit

Edit Menu

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⌘+Z Undo
⌘+Shift+Z Redo
⌘+Option+Z Restore last selection
⌘+X Cut
⌘+C Copy
⌘+V Paste
⌘+B Clear
Control+Shift+X Cut special - Cut clip gain
Control+Shift+C Copy special - Copy clip gain
Option+M Paste special - Merge
⌘+Option+V Paste special - Repeat to fill selection
⌘+Control+V Paste special - To current automation type
Control+Shift+B Clear special - Clear clip gain
⌘+A Select all
Option+Shift+5 Selection - Change timeline to match edit
Option+Shift+6 Selection - Change edit to match timeline
Option+[ Selection - Play edit
Option+] Selection - Play timeline
⌘+D Duplicate
Option+R Repeat...
Option+H Shift...
⌘+Shift+E Insert silence
⌘+T Trim clip - To selection
Option+Shift+7 Trim clip - Start to selection
Option+Shift+8 Trim clip - End to selection
⌘+E Separate clip - At selection
⌘+H Heal separation
Option+Shift+3 Consolidate clip
⌘+M Mute clips
⌘+U Strip silence
Option+Shift+U TCE edit to timeline selection
⌘+Option+H Automation - Copy to send...
⌘+Option+T Automation - Thin
⌘+/ Automation - Write to current
⌘+Option+/ Automation - Write to all enabled
⌘+Shift+/ Automation - Trim to current
⌘+Option+Shift+/ Automation - Trim to all enabled
Option+/ Automation - Glide to current
Option+Shift+/ Automation - Glide to all enabled
⌘+F Fades - Create...
Option+D Fades - Fade to start
Option+G Fades - Fade to end

View Menu

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⌘+Option+M Narrow mix

Track Menu

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⌘+Shift+N New...
⌘+G Group...
Option+Shift+D Duplicate...
Option+K Set record tracks to input only
⌘+Option+F Scroll to track...
Option+C Clear all clip indicators

Clip Menu

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⌘+L Edit lock/unlock
Option+Control+L Time lock/unlock
Option+Shift+B Send to back
Option+Shift+F Bring to front
⌘+Option+Control+NumPad0 Rating - None
⌘+Option+Control+NumPad1..5 Rating - 1..5
⌘+Option+G Group
⌘+Option+U Ungroup
⌘+Option+R Regroup
⌘+Option+L Loop...
⌘+R Capture...
⌘+Option+Shift+R Rename...
⌘+, Identify/Remove sync point
⌘+0 (zero) Quantize to grid
Option+NumPad5 Elastic properties

Event Menu

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Option+NumPad1 Time operations - Time operations window
Option+NumPad2 Tempo operations - Tempo operations window
Option+NumPad3 Event operations - Event operations window
Option+0 (zero) Event operations - Quantize...
Option+P Event operations - Change duration...
Option+T Event operations - Transpose...
Option+Y Event operations - Select/split notes...
Option+NumPad4 MIDI real-time properties
⌘+NumPad8 Beat detective
⌘+I Identify beat...
⌘+Shift+. All MIDI notes off

Options Menu

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Option+L Loop record
⌘+Shift+P QuickPunch
⌘+Shift+T TrackPunch
⌘+J Transport online
⌘+Shift+J Video track online
⌘+K Pre/post-roll
⌘+Shift+L Loop playback
⌘+Control+P Dynamic transport
Shift+/ Link timeline and edit selection
⌘+Option+P Auto-spot clips
Control+Shift+T Edit/Tool mode keyboard lock

Setup Menu

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⌘+NumPad2 Session

Window Menu

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⌘+Option+J Configurations - Window configuration list
⌘+Option+Control+W Hide all floating windows
⌘+W Close window
⌘+= Mix
Control+= MIDI editor
Option+Control+= Score editor
Option+= MIDI event list
Option+N MIDI editors - Bring to front
Option+Shift+N MIDI editors - Send to back
Option+' Task manager
Option+; Workspace
Option+O Project
Option+J Browsers - Bring to front
Option+Shift+J Browsers - Send to back
⌘+NumPad1 Transport
⌘+NumPad3 Big counter
⌘+NumPad4 Automation
⌘+NumPad5 Memory locations
⌘+NumPad7 Video universe
⌘+NumPad9 Video


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Shift+Space Half-speed playback
⌘+Shift+Space, Shift+F12 Half-speed record
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