Shortcuts InDesign for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the InDesign for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 148 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

Efficient Zoom & Pan

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Command+Spacebar Drag mouse to Zoom
Command+0 Fit Page in view
Command+Option+0 Fit Spread in View
Command++/Command+- Zoom in/Zoom out
Spacebar+Drag Pan in View
Option+Drag Pan when in Text

Click Technique

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Command+Click Select Thru
Command+Shift+Click Override master
Command+Shift+Drag Scale Graphics

Formatting Shortcuts

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Command+Shift+ Decrease/Increase font size
Option+Up Arrow/Option+Down Arrow Adjust Leading size
Command+Shift+L Flush Left
Command+Shift+R Flush Right
Command+Shift+C CReturn
Command+Shift+J Justify
Command+Shift+B Bold
Command+Shift+I Italic
Command+Shift+U Underline
Option+Left Arrow Tracking
Option+Right Arrow Kerning
Shift+Option+Up Arrow/Shift+Option+Down Arrow Adjust baseline shift


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F5 Swatches
F7 Layers
F10 Stroke
F11 Paragraph styles
Shift+F11 Character styles
Command+Option+W Text Wrap
Command+Shift+D Links
F8 Info
Command+T Character
Command+Option+6 Control
Command+F7 Object Styles
F6 Colors
F11/Command+F11 Paragraph Styles
Shift+F8 Index
Shift+F9 Tables
Command+Option+F11 Scripts
Command+Option+W Text wrap

File Menu Shortcuts

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Command+N New File
Command+O Open File
Command+W Close window
Command+Option+O Open in bridge
Command+D Place
Command+S Save
Command+Shift+S Save As
Command+P Print
Command+Option+P Page Setup
Command+Shift+Option+P Package
Command+Q Quit Application
Command+E Export

Edit Menu shortcuts

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Command+Z Undo
Command+Shift+Z Redo
Command+C Copy
Command+X Cut
Command+V Paste
Command+Shift+V Paste Without formatting
Command+A Select all
Command+Shift+A Deselect All
Command+F Find/Change
Command+Option+F Find Next
Command+I Check Spelling
Command+K Preferences
Command+Shift+Option+V Paste in Place
Command+Option+V Paste Into
Command+Shift+Option+D Duplicate
Command+Y Edit in Story Editor
Command+F9 Check Out
Command+Shift+F9 Check In
Command+F5 Update Content
Command+Return Quick apply

Layout Menu Shortcuts

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Command+J Go to Page
Command+Shift+P Add Page
Option+PgUp/Option+PgDn Previous/Next Spread

Type Menu Shortcuts

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Shift+Command+T Tabs
Shift+Option+F11 Glyphs
Shift+Return Forced link break
Command+Option+I Hidden Characters

Object Menu shortcuts

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Command+Option+4 Transform again
Command+G Group
Command+Shift+G Ungroup
Command+8 Compound Path
Command+Option+M Drop Shadow
Command+Shift+E CReturn Content
Command+Shift+Option+C Fill frame proportionlly
Command+Shift+[ Bring front
Command+Shift+] Send back
Command+B Text Frame Options

View Menu Shortcuts

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Command+U Smart Guides
Command+; Guides
Command+Option+H High Quality Display
Command+Option+Y Text Threads
Command+H Frame edges
Command+R Rulers
Command+1 Actual Size
Command+2 200% size
Command+4 400% size
Command+5 50% size
B Set Presentation background to black
G Set Presentation background to gray
W Set Presentation background to white
Command+Shift+Option+1 Show Cyan plate
Command+Shift+Option+2 Show Magenta plate
Command+Shift+Option+3 Show Yellow plate
Command+Shift+Option+4 Show Black Plate
Command+Shift+Option+5 Show 1st spot plate
Command+Shift+Option+6 Show 2nd spot plate
Command+Shift+Option+7 Show 3rd spot plate
Command+Shift+Option+' Show All Plates


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V Selection tool
A Direct selection tool
Y magic wind tool
Q Lasso tool
P Pen tool
Shift+B Blob brush tool
+/- Add/Delete anchor point tool
Shift+C Convert anchor point tool
T Type tool
\ Line segment tool
M Rectangle tool
L Ellipse tool
B Paintbrush tool
N Pencil tool
R Rotate tool
O Reflect tool
S Scale tool
Shift+R Warp tool
Shift+W Width tool
E Free Transform tool
Shift+M Shape builder tool
Shift+P Perspective grid tool
Shift+V Perspective selection tool
Shift+S Symbol sprayer tool
J Column graph tool
U Mesh tool
G Gradient tool
I Eyedropper tool
W Blend tool
Z Zoom tool
H Hand tool
C Scissors tool
Shift+E Eraser tool
Shift+K Slice tool
Shift+L Live paint selection tool
K Live Paint selection tool
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