Shortcuts Photoshop Lightroom for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Photoshop Lightroom for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 247 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

Panel Shortcuts

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Tab Show/ hide side panels
Shift+Tab Show/ hide all panels
T Show/ hide Toolbar
F5 Show/ hide Module Picker
F6 Show/ hide Filmstrip
F7 Show/ hide left panels
F8 Show/ hide right panels
Option+click a panel Toggle solo mode
Shift+click a panel Open a new panel without closing soloed panel
Command+click a panel Open/ close all panels
Command+Ctrl+ 0…5 Open/ close left panels, top to bottom
Command+ 0…8 Open/close right panels, Library and Develop modules, top to bottom
Command+ 1…7 Open/close right panels, Slideshow, Print, and Web modules, top to bottom
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Command+Option+1 Go to Library module
Command+Option+2 Go to Develop module
Command+Option+3 Go to Slideshow module
Command+Option+4 Go to Print module
Command+Option+5 Go to Web module
Command+Option+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Go back/ go forward
Command+Option+Arrow Up Go back to previous module

Changing Views and Screen Modes

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E Enter Library Loupe view
G Enter Library Grid view
C Enter Library Compare view
N Enter Library Survey view
D Open selected photo in Develop module
L/Shift+L Cycle forward/ backward through Lights Out modes
Command+Shift+L Toggle Lights Dim mode
F Toggle Full screen mode
Shift+F Previous screen mode
Command+Shift+F Toggle Screen Modes: Normal, Full screen, hide panels
Command+Option+F Go to Normal screen mode, exit Full screen
I Cycle Info overlay
Command+I Show/ hide Info overlay

Using Secondary Window

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Command+F11 Open secondary window
Shift+G Enter Grid view
Shift+E Enter normal Loupe view
Command+Shift+Enter Enter locked Loupe view
Shift+C Enter Compare view
Shift+N Enter Survey view
Command+Option+Shift+Enter Enter Slideshow view
Command+Shift+F11 Enter full-screen mode with secondary monitor
Shift+\ Show/ hide Filter bar
Command+Shift+=/- Zoom in/ zoom out

Managing Photos and Catalogs

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Command+Shift+I Import photos from disk
Command+Shift+O Open catalog
Command+, Open Preferences
Command+Option+, Open Catalog Settings
Command+Shift+T Create new subfolder (segmented Tethered capture)
Command+T Hide/show Tether capture bar
Command+Shift+N Create a new folder in the Library module
Command+‘ Create virtual copy (Library/ Develop module)
Command+R Show in Finder (Library/ Develop module)
Arrow Right/Arrow Left Go to next/ previous photo in Filmstrip
Shift+click / Command+click Select multiple folders or collections
F2 Rename photo (in Library module)
Delete Delete selected photo(s)
Option+Delete Remove selected photo(s) from catalog
Command+Option+Shift+Delete Delete selected photo(s) and move to Recycling Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac OS)
Command+Delete Delete rejected photo(s)
Command+E Edit in Photoshop
Command+Option+E Edit in other Editor
Command+Shift+E Export selected photo(s)
Command+Option+Shift+E Export with previous settings
Command+Option+Shift+ , (comma) Open plug-in manager
Command+P Print selected photo
Command+Shift+P Open Page Setup dialog box

Comparing Photos in the Library Module

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E/Enter Switch to Loupe view
G/Esc Switch to Grid view
C Switch to Compare view
N Switch to Survey view
Space/E Switch from Grid to Loupe view
Arrow Down Swap select and candidate photos in Compare view
Arrow Up Make next photos select and candidate in Compare view
Z Toggle Zoom view
Command =/- Zoom in/ zoom out in Loupe view
Page Up/Page Down Scroll up/ down zoomed photo in Loupe view
Home/End Go to beginning/ end of Grid view
Command+Enter Play impromptu slide show
Command+]/] Rotate photo right/ left
=/- Increase/ decrease Grid thumbnail size
Page Up/Page Down Scroll up/ down Grid thumbnails
Command+Shift+H Toggle cell extras
Command+Option+Shift+H Show/hide badges
J Cycle Grid views
Command+J Open Library view options
Command+click Select multiple discrete photos
Shift+click Select multiple contiguous photos
Command+A Select all photos
Command+D/Command+Shift+A Deselect all photos
Command+Shift+D Select only active photo
/ Deselect active photo
Shift+ Left/Arrow Right Add previous/next photo to selection
Command+Option+A Select flagged photos
Command+Option+Shift+D Deselect unflagged photos
Command+G Group into stack
Command+Shift+G Ungroup stack
S Toggle stack
Shift+S Move to top of stack
Shift+]/] Move up/ down in stack

Rating and Filtering Photos

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1…5 Set star rating
Shift+ 1…5 Set star rating and go to next photo
0 Remove star rating
Shift+0 Remove star rating and go to next photo
]/] Increase/decrease rating by one star
6 Assign red label
7 Assign yellow label
8 Assign green label
9 Assign blue label
Shift+ 6…9 Assign color label and goto next photo
P Flag photo as Pick
Shift+P Flag photo as Pick and goto next photo
X Flag photo as reject
Shift+X Flag photo as reject and goto next photo
U Unflag photo
Shift+U Unflag photo and goto next photo
Command+Arrow Up/Arrow Down Increase/ decrease flag status
Cycle flag settings
Command+Option+R Refine photos
\ Show/ hide Library Filter bar
Shift+click filter labels Open multiple filters in the Filter bar
Command+L Toggle filters on/off
Command+F Find photo in the Library module


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Command+N Create New collection in the Library module
B Add to Quick Collection
Shift+B Add to Quick Collection and go to next photo
Command+B Show Quick Collection
Command+Option+B Save Quick Collection
Command+Shift+B Clear Quick Collection
Command+Option+Shift+B Set as target collection

Metadata and Keywords in Library Module

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Command+K Add Keywords
Command+Shift+K Edit Keywords
Command+Option+Shift+K Set a Keyword shortcut
Shift+K Add/ remove Keyword shortcut from selected photo
Command+Option+K Enable painting
Option+ 1…9 Add a keyword from a keyword set to selected photo
Option+0 Cycle forward through keyword sets
Option+Shift+0 Cycle backward through keyword sets
Command+Option+Shift+C Copy metadata
Command+Option+Shift+V Paste metadata
Command+S Save metadata to file
Command+: Open Spelling dialog box
Command+; Check spelling
Command+Option+T Open Character palette

Develop Module

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V Convert to grayscale
Command+U Auto tone
Command+Shift+U Auto white balance
Command+E Edit in Photoshop
Command+Shift+C Copy Develop settings
Command+Shift+V Paste Develop settings
Command+Option+V Paste settings from previous photo
Command+Option+Shift+Arrow Left Copy After settings to Before
Command+Option+Shift+Arrow Right Copy Before settings to After
Command+Option+Shift+Arrow Up Swap Before and After settings
[+]/- Increase/decrease selected slider in small increments
Shift+[+]/- Increase/decrease selected slider in larger increments
./, Cycle forward/ backwards through Basic panel settings
Double-click slider name Reset a slider
Option+click group name Reset a group of sliders
Command+Shift+R Reset all settings
Command+Shift+S Sync settings
Command+Option+S Sync settings bypassing Synchronize Settings dialog box
Command+click Sync button Toggle Auto Sync
Command+Option+Shift+A Enable Auto Sync
Command+Option+Shift+M Match total exposures
W Select White Balance tool
R Select the Crop tool
A Constrain Aspect ratio when Crop tool is selected
Shift+A Crop to same Aspect ratio as previous crop
Option+drag Crop from center of photo
O Cycle Crop grid Overlay
Shift+O Cycle Crop grid overlay Orientation
X Switch crop between portrait and landscape orientation
Command+Option+R Reset crop
Q Select the Spot Removal tool
K Select the Adjustment Brush tool (from any module)
M Select the Graduated Filter tool
]/[ Increase/ decrease brush size
Shift+]/[ Increase/ decrease brush feathering
/ Switch between local adjustment brush A and B
Option+drag Temporarily switch from brush A or B to Eraser
Shift+drag Paint a horizontal or vertical line
Drag adjustment pin right/left Increase/decrease Amount
H Show/ hide local adjustment pin
O Show/ hide local adjustment mask Overlay
Shift+O Cycle local adjustment mask Overlay colors
Command+Option+Shift+T Select targeted Adjustment tool to apply Tone Curve
Command+Option+Shift+H Select Targeted Adjustment tool to apply Hue
Command+Option+Shift+S Select Targeted Adjustment tool to apply Saturation
Command+Option+Shift+L Select Targeted Adjustment tool to apply Luminance
Command+Option+Shift+G Select Targeted Adjustment tool to apply Grayscale Mix
Command+Option+Shift+N Deselect Targeted Adjustment tool
J Show clipping
Command+]/[ Rotate photo right/ left
Space/Z Toggle between Loupe and 1:1 Zoom preview
Command+=/- Zoom in / zoom out
Command+Enter Play impromptu slide show
Y View Before and After left/ right
Option+Y View Before and After top/ bottom
Shift+Y View Before and After in a split screen
\ View Before only
Command+N Create a new snapshot
Command+Shift+N Create a new preset
Command+Option+N Create a new preset folder
Command+J Open Develop view options

Slideshow Module

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Enter Play slide show
Command+Enter Play impromptu slide show
Space Pause slide show
Option+Enter Preview slide show
Esc End slide show
Arrow Right Go to next slide
Arrow Left Go to previous slide
Command+]/[ Rotate photo right/ left
Command+Shift+H Show/ hide guides
Command+J Export PDF slide show
Command+Shift+J Export JPEG slide show
Command+Option+J Export video slide show
Command+N Create a new slide show template
Command+Shift+N Create a new slide show template folder
Command+S Save slide show settings
MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Command+P Print
Command+Option+P Print one copy
Command+Shift+P Open Page Setup dialog box
Command+Option+Shift+P Open Print Settings dialog box
Command+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Go to first page/ last page
Command+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Go to previous/ next page
Command+Shift+H Show/ hide guides
Command+R Show/ hide rulers
Command+Shift+J Show/ hide page bleed
Command+Shift+M Show/ hide Margins and gutters
Command+Shift+K Show/ hide image cells
Command+Shift+U Show/ hide dimensions
Command+Enter Play impromptu slide show
Command+]/[ Rotate photo right/ left
Command+N Create a new print template
Command+Shift+N Create a new print template folder
Command+S Save print settings

Web Module

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Command+R Reload web gallery
Command+Option+P Preview in browser
Command+Enter Play impromptu slide show
Command+J Export web gallery
Command+N Create a new web gallery template
Command+Shift+N Create a new web gallery template folder
Command+S Save web gallery settings


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Command+/ Display current module shortcuts
Click Hide current module shortcuts
Command+Option+Shift+/ Go to current module Help
F1 Open Community Help
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