Shortcuts Adobe Animate for MacOS

Adobe Animate is a multimedia and computer animation program developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe Animate can be used to create vector graphics and animation, followed by publication in television programs, online video, on websites, in web applications and video games.


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Command+R Import Image/Sound etc..
Command+Shift+R Export to .swf/.gif etc..
Command+Shift+O Open as Library

View Shortcuts

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Command+1 Full Size View
Command+2 Show Frame
Command+3 Show All

Windows Shortcuts

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Command+M Modify Movie Properties
Command+L Show/Hide Libraries
Command+E Toggle between Edit Movie and Edit Symbol Mode
Command+Shift+L Show/Hide Work Area
Command+Shift+W Show/Hide Timeline

Edit and Modify

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Command+G Group
Command+U Ungroup
Command+B Break Apart
Command+Shift+V Paste in Place
Command+D Duplicate
Command+A Select All
Command+Shift+A Deselect All
Command+K Align Window
Command+Shift+S Scale and Rotate
Command+Shift+Z Remove Transform
Command+Up Arrow Move Ahead
Command+Down Arrow Move Behind
Command+Shift+Up Arrow Bring to Front
Command+Shift+Down Arrow Send to Back
Command+T Modift Font
Command+Shift+T Modify Paragraph
Command+Left Arrow Narrower Letterspacing
Command+Right Arrow Wider Letterspacing

Miscellaneous Action

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Command+Shift+Z Remove rotation or scaling from the selected objects
Command+Shift+7 Rotate the selection to 90 degrees left
Command+Option+S Scale and/or rotate the selection using numeric values
Command+Shift+F Auto formats the editor code
Command+Shift+8 Show hidden characters
Command+Shift+E Suppresses highlighting of selected items
Command+Shift+W Show or hide the pasteboard that surrounds the stage
Command+Shift+Option+R Show or hide the rulers
Command+Option+[ Show Frame Script Navigator
Command+Option+I Show or hide the tweening shape hints
Command+Shift+5 Show or hide the Color panel
Command+Option+8 Show or hide the Compiler Errors panel
Command+Option+K Open a new window in the front most simulation that is a duplicate of the active window
Command+Shift Show or change a list of the scenes in the current movie
Command+Option+T Show or hide the animation timeline and layers controls
Command+= Show a smaller area of the drawing with more detail
Command+- Show a larger area of the drawing with less detail
Command+K Show or hide the Align panel
Command+3 Add Component Widgets
Command+T Show or hide the History panel
Command+I Show or change the properties and position of the selected object
Command+L Show or hide the Library panel for this document
Command+9 Show or hide the Property Inspector
Command+5 Select colors from swatches and manage swatches
Command+8 Show or hide the drawing toolbar
Command+T Scale and/or rotate the selection using numeric values
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program