Shortcuts ALT+[Digits] Symbol Codes for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the ALT+[Digits] Symbol Codes for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 144 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.
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Alt+0163 £
Alt+0162 ¢
Alt+0165 ¥
0024+Alt+X $
Alt+0164 ¤
Alt+0169 ©
Alt+0174 ®
Alt+0167 §


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Alt+0176 °
Alt+0186 º
Alt+43 +
Alt+0181 µ
Alt+0188 ¼
Alt+0189 ½
Alt+0190 ¾


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Alt+34 "
Alt+0171 «
Alt+0187 »
Alt+174 «
Alt+175 »
Alt+126 ~
Alt+0191 ¿


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Alt+0192 À
Alt+0193 Á
Alt+0194 Â
Alt+0195 Ã
Alt+0229 å
Alt+131 â
Alt+132 ä
Alt+133 à
Alt+134 å
Alt+142 Ä
Alt+143 Å
Alt+160 á
010C+Alt+X Č
010D+Alt+X č
Alt+128 Ç
Alt+135 ç
0114+Alt+X Ĕ
0115+Alt+X ĕ
Alt+0200 È
Alt+130 é
Alt+136 ê
Alt+137 ë
Alt+138 è
Alt+144 É
Alt+202 Ê
Alt+203 Ë
011E+Alt+X Ğ
011F+Alt+X ğ
0122+Alt+X Ģ
0123+Alt+X ģ
Alt+0204 Ì
Alt+0205 Í
Alt+0206 Î
Alt+0207 Ï
Alt+139 ï
Alt+140 î
Alt+141 ì
Alt+161 í
Alt+164 ñ
Alt+165 Ñ
00F8+Alt+X ø
014C+Alt+X Ō
014D+Alt+X ō
Alt+0210 Ò
Alt+0211 Ó
Alt+0216 Ø
Alt+147 ô
Alt+148 ö
Alt+149 ò
Alt+153 Ö
Alt+162 ó
Alt+212 Ô
015C+Alt+X Ŝ
015D+Alt+X ŝ
015E+Alt+X Ş
015F+Alt+X ş
00DA+Alt+X Ú
016B+Alt+X ū
Alt+016A Ū
Alt+0217 Ù
Alt+0219 Û
Alt+129 ü
Alt+150 û
Alt+151 ù
Alt+154 Ü
Alt+163 ú
0159+Alt+X Ÿ
Alt+152 ÿ

Greek Alphabet

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Alt+ 913 Α (upper-case Alpha)
Alt+ 914 Β (upper-case Beta)
Alt+ 915 Γ (upper-case Gamma)
Alt+ 916 Δ (upper-case Delta)
Alt+ 917 Ε (upper-case Epsilon)
Alt+ 918 Ζ (upper-case Zeta)
Alt+ 919 Η (upper-case Eta)
Alt+ 920 Θ (upper-case Theta)
Alt+ 921 Ι (upper-case Iota)
Alt+ 922 Κ (upper-case Kappa)
Alt+ 923 Λ (upper-case Lambda)
Alt+ 924 Μ (upper-case Mu)
Alt+ 925 Ν (upper-case Nu)
Alt+ 926 Ξ (upper-case Xi)
Alt+ 927 Ο (upper-case Omicron)
Alt+ 928 Π (upper-case Pi)
Alt+ 929 Ρ (upper-case Rho)
Alt+ 931 Σ (upper-case Sigma)
Alt+ 932 Τ (upper-case Tau)
Alt+ 933 Υ (upper-case Upsilon)
Alt+ 934 Φ (upper-case Phi)
Alt+ 935 Χ (upper-case Chi)
Alt+ 936 Ψ (upper-case Psi)
Alt+ 937 Ω (upper-case Omega)
Alt+ 945 α (lower-case Alpha)
Alt+ 946 β (lower-case Beta)
Alt+ 947 γ (lower-case Gamma)
Alt+ 948 δ (lower-case Delta)
Alt+ 949 ε (lower-case Epsilon)
Alt+ 950 ζ (lower-case Zeta)
Alt+ 951 η (lower-case Eta)
Alt+ 952 θ (lower-case Theta)
Alt+ 953 ι (lower-case Iota)
Alt+ 954 κ (lower-case Kappa)
Alt+ 955 λ (lower-case Lambda)
Alt+ 956 μ (lower-case Mu)
Alt+ 957 ν (lower-case Nu)
Alt+ 958 ξ (lower-case Xi)
Alt+ 959 ο (lower-case Omicron)
Alt+ 960 π (lower-case Pi)
Alt+ 961 ρ (lower-case Rho)
Alt+ 962 ς (lower-case final Sigma)
Alt+ 963 σ (lower-case Sigma)
Alt+ 964 τ (lower-case Tau)
Alt+ 965 υ (lower-case Upsilon)
Alt+ 967 χ (lower-case Chi)
Alt+ 968 φ (lower-case Phi)
Alt+ 968 ψ (lower-case Psi)
Alt+ 969 ω (lower-case Omega)
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