Shortcuts Bash for Linux

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Bash for Linux which is used on the operating system Linux, in this hotkeys description 59 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.
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Home/Ctrl+A Go to Beginning of Line
Ctrl+E/End Go to End of Line
Ctrl+F Forward one character
Ctrl+B Backward ine character
Ctrl+XX Toggle between start of line and cursor current position
Ctrl+P/Up Arrow Previous Command
Ctrl+N/Down Arrow Next Arrow
Alt+B Back one word
Alt+F Forward one word


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Ctrl+L Clear Screen
Ctrl+D Delete Character Under Cursor
Ctrl+H Delete Character From Left
Alt+Del Delete Word before Cursor
Alt+D Delete Word After Cursor
Ctrl+W Cut Word Before Cursor to Clipboard
Ctrl+K Cut Line After Cursor to Clipboard
Ctrl+U Cut Line Before Cursor to Clipboard
Alt+T Swap Current Word with Previous
Ctrl+T Swap Last Character before Cursor
Esc+T Swap Last Two Words Before Cursor
Ctrl+Y Paste Last Thing to be Cut
Ctrl+_ Undo
Alt+U Upper Capitalize Every Character form Cursor
Alt+L Lower The Case Every Character Form Cursor
Alt+C Capitalize Character Under Cursor and Move to End of the Word
Alt+R Cancel Changes and Put Back the Line
Ctrl+I Tab
Ctrl+J NewLine
Ctrl+M Enter
Ctrl+[ Escape

Control Character

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Ctrl+2 ^@
Ctrl+3 ^Escape
Ctrl+4 ^\
Ctrl+5 ^
Ctrl+6 ^^
Ctrl+7 ^_Undo
Ctrl+8 ^? Backward Delete Char
Ctrl+V Display Sequence for Enter Key


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Ctrl+R Recall Last Command
Ctrl+P Previous Command in History
Ctrl+N Next Command in History
Ctrl+S Go back to Next Most Recent Command
Ctrl+O Execute Command found via Ctrl+R/Ctrl+S
Ctrl+G Escape from History Searching Mode
!! Repeat Last Command
!abc Run Last Commnd Starting with abc
!abc:p Print last Command starting with abc
!$ Last Argument of Previous Command
Alt+. Last Argument of Previous Command
!* All Arguments of Previous Command
^abc^def Run Previous Command,replacing abc with def

Process Controls

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Ctrl+C Interrupt/Kill Whatever you are running
Ctrl+L Clear Screen
Ctrl+S Stop Output to Screen
Ctrl+Q Allow Output to Screen
Ctrl+D Send an EOF Marker
Ctrl+Z Send the signal SIGTSTP to Current Task

Emacs Mode/Vi Mode

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$set -o vi Set Vi Mode
$set -o emacs Set Emacs Mode
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program