Shortcuts Pixelmator for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Pixelmator for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 123 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.


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Cmd+1 Show / Hide Tools palette/panel
Cmd+2 Show / Hide Layers palette/panel
Cmd+3 Show / Hide Effects browser
Cmd+4 Show / Hide Brushes palette/panel
Cmd+5 Show / Hide Gradients palette/panel
Cmd+6 Show / Hide Photo browser
Shift+Cmd+C Show / Hide Colors palette/panel
Cmd+T Show / Hide Fonts palette/panel
Shift+Cmd+R Reset palettes/panels to default location

Selection Tools

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V Move
Z Zoom
I Eyedropper
H Hand
T Type
C Crop
K Slice
Y Elliptical Marquee
M Rectangular Marquee
L Lasso
W Magic Wand
B Brush
P Pixel
E Eraser
N Paint Bucket
G Gradient
S Clone Stamp
O Sharpen
R Red Eye


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Cmd+N Create New File
Cmd+O Open Existing File
Cmd+W Close Window


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Cmd+S Save file
Shift+Cmd+E Export For Web


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Cmd++ Zoom In
Cmd+- Zoom Out
Option+Scroll Mouse Zoom In / Out
Shift+Scroll Mouse Horizontal Scrolling
Cmd+0 Fit Image In Window
Option+Cmd+0 Magnify 100%
Cmd+R Show / Hide Rulers
Option+Cmd+; Show / Hide Guides
Option+Cmd+' Show / Hide Grid
Shift+Drag Guide Snap Guide To Ruler
Cmd+Ctrl+F Full-screen On / Off
Q Quick Mask Mode On / Off


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Cmd+Z Undo Last Action
Shift+Cmd+Z Redo Last Action
Option+Cmd+F Fill With Color
Cmd+Backspace Fill With Primary Color (hold Shift to preserve transparency)
Shift+Backspace Fill With Secondary Color (hold Shift to preserve transparency)
Shift+Cmd+O Stroke
Cmd+I Invert Color
Cmd+L Edit Levels
Cmd+K Edit Curves
Cmd+B Edit Color Balance
Cmd+U Edit Hue And Saturation
Option+Cmd+U De-saturate
Option+Cmd+C Edit Canvas Size
Option+Cmd+I Edit Image Size
Shift+Cmd+K Color Management
Shift+Option+P Soft Proof
Shift+Cmd+F Last Filter

Working With Selections

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Hold Shift as you drag selection Add To Selection
Hold Shift+Option as you drag selection Subtract From Selection
Shift+Drag Selection Constrain To A Circle Or Square
Cmd+A Select All
Cmd+D De-select
Option+Cmd+L Load layer transparency as selection
Option+Cmd+R Refine Selection
Cmd+C Copy
Cmd+X Cut
Cmd+V Paste
Shift+Cmd+D Duplicate

Working With Layers

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Cmd+F Transform Layer
/ Lock Layer
Shift++or- Cycle Layer Blending Modes
Option+Cmd+A Select All Layers
Option+click layer visibility check-box Hide Other Layers
Shift+Drag File From Finder Place New Image In The Canvas Center
Option+Cmd+ G Create / Release Clipping Mask
Shift+Cmd+L Link Layers
Cmd+E Merge Selected Layers
Cmd+G Group Layers
Shift+Cmd+G Ungroup Layers
Shift+Cmd+N Create New Layer
Double Click Layer Name Rename Layer
Option+Drag Layer Duplicate Layer
Option+. Select Top Layer
Option+] Select Next Layer
Option+[ Select Previous Layer
Option+, Select Bottom Layer
Option+Cmd+] Bring Layer To Front
Option+Cmd+[ Send Layer To Back
Cmd+] Bring Layer Forward
Cmd+[ Send Layer Backward


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Cmd+Arrow Key Move Layer / Selection by 1px
Shift+Cmd+Arrow Key Move Layer / Selection by 10px
Arrow Key Move Selection Border by 1px
Shift+Arrow Key Move Selection Border by 10px


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Double Click Brush Open Brush Settings
Shift+Mouse Click Paint Straight Lines
Shift+Drag Mouse Paint Vertical / Horizontal Lines
X Switch Between Primary And Secondary Colors
. or, Navigate Through Brushes/Navigate Through Gradients
[ or ] Increase / Decrease Brush Size/Cycle Through Gradients
Shift+[ or Shift+] Change Brush Hardness
Shift+Drag Gradient Constrain Gradient To 45° Angle
Option+Click Brush Delete Brush From Brushes Palette/Panel
Option+Mouse Click Sample Background Color


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Cmd+P Print
Shift+Cmd+P Page Setup


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Cmd+, Show Preferences
Cmd+; Check Spelling
Shift+Option+Cmd+I Get File Info
Cmd+W Close Window
Option+Cmd+W Close All Windows
Cmd+' Cycle Through Windows
Cmd+M Minimize Window
Option+Cmd+M Minimize All Windows
Cmd+H Hide Pixelmator
Option+Cmd+H Hide Others
Shift+Cmd+V Active/deactive Vectormator Mode
Cmd+Q Quit Pixelmator
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program