Shortcuts Adobe Illustrator for Windows

Adobe Illustrator for Windows is used to create illustrations, cartoon graphics, diagrams, logos and other files. Hot keys allow you to not be distracted by simple or frequently repeated actions and work more closely with the image. When you hover the cursor over the icon in the menu, a window with shortcuts to this command is displayed. Remember the entire list is not necessary. We collected all the hot keys in Adobe Illustrator into a single table and divided it into categories, depending on the type of action. Remember only those commands that you often need to work, and never waste time on the routine work with the mouse.

Drawing Shortcuts

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Shift+Drag Constrain Shape proportion/orientation
Alt+Drag Draw from center of shape/Keep the sides of star straight
Drag+Hold Ctrl Keep inner radius of star constant
Drag+Up Arrow Increase/Decrease polygon side,star points,arc angle,spiral,flare rays
Drag+Hold C Switch Open/Closed arc
Drag+Hold F Flip arc
Spacebar+Drag Move shape while drawing
Drag+F Decrease skew value for horizontal dividers in rectangular grid/radial divider in polar grid by 10%
Drag+V Increase skew value for horizontal dividers in rectangular grid/radial divider in polar grid by 10%
Drag+X Decrease skew value for vertical dividers in rectangular grid/concentric divider in polar grid by 10%
Drag+C Increase skew value for vertical dividers in rectangular grid/concentric divider in polar grid by 10%
Drag+Up Arrow/down arrow Add/Remove horizontal lines from grid
Drag+Right Arrow/Left Arrow Add/Remove vertical lines from grid
Drag then Ctrl+Drag Change decay rate of spiral
Drag then Alt+Drag Add/Subtract winds from spiral while increasing length
] Increase size of Blob brush
[ Decrease size of Blob brush
Shift Constrain Blob brush horizontal/vertical
Shift+D Switch through drawing modes
Select Path then Ctrl+J Join two or more path
Select Path then Shift+Ctrl+Alt+J Create corner/smooth join
Shift+P Perspective Grid Tool
Shift+V Perspective Selection Tool
Ctrl+Shift+I Perspective Grid
Ctrl+Alt+Drag Copying objects in perspective
5 then Click+Drag Moving objects perpendicularly

Selecting Shortcuts

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Ctrl Switch to last used selection tools
Alt Switch Direct/Group selection tools
Shift+Click Add/Subtract with various tools
Alt+Click Subtract from selection with magic wand tool
Shift+Drag Add to selection with Lasso tool
Alt+Drag Subtract from selection with Lasso tool
Caps Change pointer to cross hair for Lasso tool
Ctrl+Alt+A Select artwork in active artboard
Ctrl+C+O Create crop marks around selected object
PressCtrl+Click twicw Select behind an object
Ctrl+Click twice Select behind in isolation mode

Selectiong Tool

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
V Selection tool
A Direct selection tool
Y magic wind tool
Q Lasso tool
P Pen tool
Shift+B Blob brush tool
+/- Add/Delete anchor point tool
Shift+C Convert anchor point tool
T Type tool
\ Line segment tool
M Rectangle tool
L Ellipse tool
B Paintbrush tool
N Pencil tool
R Rotate tool
O Reflect tool
S Scale tool
Shift+R Warp tool
Shift+W Width tool
E Free Transform tool
Shift+M Shape builder tool
Shift+P Perspective grid tool
Shift+V Perspective selection tool
Shift+S Symbol sprayer tool
J Column graph tool
U Mesh tool
G Gradient tool
I Eyedropper tool
W Blend tool
Z Zoom tool
H Hand tool
C Scissors tool
Shift+E Eraser tool
Shift+K Slice tool
Shift+L Live paint selection tool
K Live Paint selection tool

Viewing Artwork

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
DoubleClick Hand tool Fit imageable area in window
DoubleClick Zoom tool Magnify to double
Spacebar Move zoom marquee while dragging
Ctrl+Shift+H Show/Hide artboards
Ctrl+Alt+R Show/hide artboard rulers
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+3 Hide unselected network
Esc Exit fullscreen mode
Ctrl+F6 Go to next document
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Go to previous document
Ctrl+Alt+F6 Next document group
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F6 Previous document group
Alt+V Save Artboard to Illustrator format
Shift+Drag Create artboard in other artboard

Editing Shapes

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Alt Switch between various tool
Spacebar+Drag Move current anchor point
Alt+Drag Cut a straight line with knife tool
Shift+Alt+Drag Cut 45/90 with knife tool
Shift+M Select shape builder tool

Painting Objects

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
X Switch fill/stroke
D Set fill and stroke to default
Shift+X Swap fill/stroke
> Select gradient fill mode
< Select color fill mode
/ Select no stroke/fill mode
Ctrl+/ Add new fill
Ctrl+Alt+/ Add new stroke
]/[ Incrase/Decrase bristle brush size
1/0 Set Bristle brush paint opacity value(1 increase 10% where 0 increase 100%)

Panel Shortcuts

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Alt+Click New Set Options
Alt+Click Del Delete without confirm
Tab Show/hide panel
Shift+Tab Show/hide panels except Tools and Control
Shift+Enter Apply value and keep textbox active

Function Key Shortcuts

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
F1 Help
F2 Cut
F3 Copy
F4 Paste
F5 Show/hide brushes panel
F6 Show/hide color panel
F7 Show/hide layers panel
F8 Create new symbol
Ctrl+F8 Show/hide Info panel
Ctrl+F9 Show/hide gradient panel
Ctrl+F10 Show/hide stroke panel
Ctrl+F11 Show/hide attributes panel
F12 Revert
Shift+F5 Show/hide Graphics styles panel
Shift+F6 Show/hide appearence panel
Shift+F7 Show/hide align panel
Shift+F8 Show/hide transform panel
Shift+Ctrl+F9 Show/hide pathfinder panel
Shift+Ctrl+F10 Show/hide Transparency panel
Shift+Ctrl+F11 Show/hide Symbols panel
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