Shortcuts Solid Edge for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Solid Edge for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 52 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

Standard Shortcuts

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Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+P Print


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Ctrl+T Top
Ctrl+B Bottom
Ctrl+R Right
Ctrl+L Left
Ctrl+F Front
Ctrl+K Back
Ctrl+I Isometric
Ctrl+J Dimetric
Ctrl+M Trimetric

Mount Based View Manipulation

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Ctrl+MMB/RMB+Drag Zoom
Alt+MMB/RMB+Drag Zoom Area
Alt+RMB Fit Window
Ctrl+Shift+RMB+Drag Pan

Keypoint Selection

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M Midpoint
I Intersection
C Center
E Endpoint

Advance Sunchronous Edit

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R Restore to Default Settings
C Maintain Concentric Faces
T Maintain Tangent Faces
P Maintain Coplaner Faces
S Maintain Symmetry about Base Planes
X Maintain Symmetry about XY Plane
Y Maintain Symmetry about YZ Plane
Z Maintain Symmetry about ZX Planes
Ctrl+Y Local Symmetry
Ctrl+Shift+Q Consider Reference Planes
Ctrl+Shift+W Consider Sketch Planes
Ctrl+Shift+E Consider Reference Planes
B Lock to base Reference
U Suspend Live Rules
J Relax Dimensions
V Solution Manager
F Save Relationships
L Maintain Parallel Faces
G Tangent Touching
D Maintain Perpendicular Faces
A Maintain Coplaner Axes
Q Maintain Coplaner Axes in XY
W Maintain Coplaner Axes YZ
E Maintain Coplaner Axes in ZX
Ctrl+A Maintain Canted Coplaner Axes
M Same Radius if Possible
O Keep Orthogonal to Base
N Relax Persistent Relationships
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program