Shortcuts Autodesk 3ds Max for Windows

Autodesk 3D Max software is a professional product for 3D modeling, animation and visualization in games and design. Professionals use hotkeys on the machine, increasing the productivity of their work and saving themselves from routine tasks. Quick combinations perform tasks instantly, without having to search them in the menu.

In order to get acquainted with the program, we recommend initially learning how to use hot keys in Autodesk 3D Max. They allow you to work faster with the viewport, edit objects, work with files and rendeng. Initially, you can learn the basic combinations of fast teams, after you get used to others. We picked up a complete list of hotkeys in Autodesk 3D Max and divided them into categories for easy searching.

General user interface

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Ctrl+N New scene
F2 Shade selected faces
F3 Wireframe/smooth and highlight
F4 View edged faces
Space Selection lock
Q Select
Ctrl+Left mouse click Add to selection
Alt+Left mouse click Remove from selection
W Move
E Rotate
R Scale
G Hide grids
S Snaps
A Angle snap
Ctrl+Shift+P Percent snap
Ctrl+C Create camera from view
F5 Restrict movement along specific axis
F8 Restrict plane cycle
F9 Render last
F10 Render scene dialogue
0 Render to texture dialogue
Shift+Q Quick render
M Material editor
6 Particle view
8 Enviro­nment and effects dialogue
9 Open advanced lighting panel
F11 Open MAXScript listener
Alt+Ctrl+Q Open last used explorer
Alt+Q Isolate selection
Alt+W Maximise viewport
Ctrl+H Place highlight
H Select by name/s­elect from scene
Ctrl+D Select none
Ctrl+I Select invert
Page up Select ancestor
Page down Selct child
Ctrl+V Clone
O Adaptive degradation
Ctrl+X Expert mode(single Viewport)
Ctrl+Z Undo scene operation
Ctrl+Y Redo scene operation
Shift+Z Undo viewport operation
Shift+Y Redo viewport operation
Shift+F Show safeframes
7 Show statistics
N Auto key mode
Shift+C Hide/ show cameras
Shift+G Hide/ show geometry
Shift+H Hide/ show helpers
Shift+L Hide/ show lights
Shift+P Hide/ show particle system
Shift+S Hide/ show shapes
Shift+W Hide/ show space warps
Alt+X Display as see-through


Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
T Top
B Bottom
L Left
F Front
U Isometric user
P Perspective user
C Camera
Shift+4 Spot/directional light

Editable Poly

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
1 Vertex level
2 Edge level
3 Border level
4 Poly level
5 Element level
Shift+E Extrude mode
Ctrl+Shift+B Bevel mode
Ctrl+Shift+C Chamfer mode
Ctrl+Shift+E Connect
Shift+X Edge constaint
Ctrl+Shift+W Target weld
Alt+C Cut
Ctrl+Shift+Q Quickslice
Alt+H Hide
Alt+I Hide unselected
Alt+U Unhide all

Quad menu

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Alt+Right mouse click Animation
Ctrl+Alt+Right mouse click Lighting/Render
Ctrl+Right mouse click Modelling
Alt+Shift+Right mouse click Reactor
Shift+Right mouse click Snap
V Viewports

Material editor

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
B Background
L Backlight
X Cycle 3x2, 5x3, 6x4 sample slots
G Get material
Left arrow Go backward to sibling
Right Arrow Go forward to sibling
Up arrow Go to parent
P Make preview
O Options

Key and Time controls

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Spacebar Slection lock switch
N Auto key mode
' Set key mode
K Set keys
/ Play/stop animation
, (comma) Backup Time One Unit
. (period) Forward Time One Unit
Home Go to start frame
End Go to end frame

Viewport Navigation Controls

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Alt+Z Zoom mode
Alt+Ctrl+Z Zoom extents
Shift+Ctrl+Z Zoom extents all
Z Zoom selected all
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Z Zoom in 2X
Alt+Shift+Z Zoom out 2X
Ctrl+W Zoom region mode
[/ Scroll wheel forward Zoom viewport in
]/Scroll wheel backward Zoom viewport out
Ctrl+P/Middle mouse button Pan view
I Interactive pan
Ctrl+R Arc rotate
Alt+W Min/max switch

Walk through mode

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
W Forward
S Back
A Left
D Right
E/Shift+UP arrow Up
C/Shift+Down arrow Down
Q Accelerate
Z Decelerate
] Increase step size
[ Decrease step size
Alt+[ Reset step size
Shift+Spacebar Level
Spacebar Lock vertical rotation

Virtual viewport

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
/ Virtual viewport toggle
+ Virtual viewport zoom in
- Virtual viewport zoom out
2 Virtual Viewport pan down
4 Virtual viewport pan left
6 Virtual viewport pan right
8 Virtual viewport pan up


Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Ctrl+B Subobject mode toggle
Insert Subobject level cycle
1 Subobject level 1
2 Subobject level 2
3 Subobject level 3
4 Subobject level 4
5 Subobject level 5
Delete Delete subobject
Ctrl+H Local select subobject by name


Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Page up Select ancestor
Page down Select child
Ctrl+Page down Select children
Double click parent Select entire hierarchy
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program