Shortcuts GTA V Cheats for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the GTA V Cheats for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 159 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

General Shortcuts

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P Pause
Z Radar Zoom/Multiplayer Info
V Cycle Camera
Caps Switch Special Ability
Left Alt Character Selecter
E Context Action
M Interaction Menu
F1 Start/Stop Recording
F2 Start/Stop Action Replay Recording
F3 Cancel Recording
F5 Switch to Michael
F6 Switch to Franklin
F7 Switch to Traver
F8 Swith to GTA Online

Movement Controls

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W Move Forward
S Move backward
A Move Left
D Move Right
Spacebar Jump
Left Shift Sprint
F Enter Vehicle
Left Ctrl Stealth mode
C Look Behind(On Foot)

Combat Controls

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Right Click Aim Weapon/Lock On
Q Take Cover
G Granade/Stickey Bomb
R Light Melee Attack
O Heavy Melee Attack
Spacebar Melee Dodge
Left Click Fire Weapon
R Reload
E Switch Weapon Accessory
Mouse Wheel Forward Sniper/Camera Zoom in
Mouse Wheel Backward Sniper/Camera Zoom Out

Weapon Selection Shortcuts

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Tab Cycle weapon
Mouse Wheel Next/Previous Weapon
1 Select Unarmed
2 Select Melee
3 Select shotgun
4 Select Heavy Weapon
5 Select Special Weapon
6 Select pistol
7 Select SMG
8 Select Assault Rifle
9 Select Sniper Rifle

Vehicle Controls

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F Exit Vehicle
Mouse Wheel Next /Previous Weapon
C Look Behind(In Vehicle)
. Next Radio Station
, Previous Radio Station
= Next Custom Radio Track
R Cinematic Camera
Q Radio Wheel
L Cinematic Slowmotion
X Duck
PgUp/PgDn Stunt Jump Slow Motion Speed Up/Speed down
W Accelerate
S Brake
A Steer Left
D Steer Right
Left Shift Lean/Tlit Forward
Left Ctrl Lean/Tlit Backward
Left Click Fire Drive by Weapon
Right Click Aim Drive by Weapon
H(When Stopped) Convertible Raise/Lower Top
Q Bicycle Front Break
Caps Bicycle Sprint
E Horn
Spacebar Handbreak
H Headlight

Aircraft Controls

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W/S Aircraft Throttle Up/Down
A/D Aircraft Yaw Left/Right
NumPad 4 Aircraft Roll Left
NumPad 5 Aircraft Pitch back
NumPad 6 Aircraft Roll Right
NumPad 7 Aircraft Target Left
NumPad 8 Aircraft Pitch Forward
NumPad 9 Aircraft Target Right
Spacebar Aircraft Fire
G Switch Landing Gear
E Aircraft Grapping Hook/VTOL Mode
Insert Switch Aircraft Weapon Camera
Left Click Switch Aircraft Mouse Control

Submercible Controls

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W Sub Throttle Up
S Sub Throttle Down
A Sub Hard Turn Left
D Sub Hard Turn Right
NumPad 4 Sub Turn Left
NumPad 6 Sub Turn Right
NumPad 8 Sub Pitch Forward
NumPad 5 Sub Pitch Back
Left Shift Sub Ascend
Left Ctrl Sub Descend
Left Click Toggle Submersible Mouse Control (Hold)

Parachute Controls

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W Parachute Pitch Forward
S Parachute Pitch Back
A Parachute Turn Left
D Parachute Turn Right
Left Click Parachute Deploy
F Parachute Detach
Q Parachute Break Left
E Parachute Break Right
Left Shift Parachute Precision Control
X Parachute Smoke

Cellphone Controls

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Up Arrow Use Phone
Up Arrow Phone Up
Down Arrow Phone Down
Left Arrow Phone Left
Right Arrow Phone Right
Enter Phone Select
Backspace Phone Cancel
Del Phone Option
Spacebar Phone Special Option
Mouse Wheel Backward Phone Scroll Forward
Mouse Wheel Forward Phone Scroll Back
MMB Change Mode (Camera)
X Change Expression (Camera)
G Toggle Grid (Camera)
F Adjust Depth of Field (Camera)

Online Control Keys

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T Text Chat Everyone
Y Text Chat Team
N Push to Talk
B Point at
F9 Drop weapon
F10 Drop Ammunition

Gta 5 All Cheats

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PAINKILLER Invincibility
TURTLE Full armor, HP and vehicle repair
POWERUP Special ability recharge
LIQUOR drunk Mode
FUGITIVE Wanted Level Up
LAWYERUP Wanted Level Down
CATCHME Super speed
HOPTOIT Super jump
GOTGILLS Fast swim
SKYDIVE Parachute
1-999-367-3767(enter via tha phone) Black smartphone
TOOLUP All weapons
HOTHANDS Super punch
DEADEYE Bullet-time (slow motion aim)
HIGHEX Explosive ammo
BUZZOFF Buzzard Attack Chopper
FLYSPRAY Crop Duster
TRASHED Trashmaster
VINEWOOD Limousine
MAKEITRAIN Weather Change
SLOWMO Slow motion
FLOATER Moon-gravity
SNOWDAY Slippery cars (drift mode)
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