Shortcuts Wordfast Pro for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Wordfast Pro for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 100 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.


MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Option+Shift+N Add Note
Command+Option+T Add Term
Option+Shift+Delete Clear All Target Segments
Command+Option+X Clear Target Segment
Command+W/Command+F4 Close
Command+Shift+W/Command+Shift+F4 Close All
Command+Option+End Commit All segments to TM
Option+End Commit Current Segment to TM
Option+Enter Confirm / Unconfirm
Command+C/Command+Insert Copy
Command+Option+lnsert Copy All Sources
Command+Option+Down/Option+Shift+Down Copy Placeable
Command+Shift+A Copy Placeables in current segment
Option+Insert Copy Source
Command+Option+0 Copy Term
Command+Tab Copy Word
Option+- Current Segment Leverage
Command+X/Shift+Delete Cut
Delete Delete
Command+Delete Delete Next Word
Option+Shift+D Delete Note
Command+Del Delete Previous Word
Option+Shift+E Edit Note
Command+Option+Enter Edit Terms
Command+Option+Enter Edit Terms
Option+Shift+X Exit
Option+Page Down Expand Segment
Command+F/Command+H Find / Replace
Command+Home Go To First Segment
Command+End Go To Last Segment
Command+G Go to Segment
Shift+F5 Last Modified Segment
Option+Right Arrow Leverage Next Tu
Option+Left Arrow Leverage Previous Tu
End Line End
Home Line Start
Command+M Maximize Active View or Editor
Option+N New / Select Terms
Command+Shift+N/Command+Shift+O New / Select TM
Command+F6 Next Editor
Command+F8 Next Perspective
Command+Option+Right/Option+Shift+Right Next Placeable
Command+Down Arrow Next Segment (No Commit)
Option+Down Arrow Next Segment (TM Commit)
Command+Option+9 Next Term
Command+Option+Right Arrow Next Term / Placeable
Command+F7 Next View
Command+Right Arrow Next Word
F1 Online Help
Option+E Open Edit Menu
Command+O Open File
Option+F Open File Menu
Option+H Open Help Menu
Command+Shift+P Open Project
Option+T Open Terms Menu
Option+M Open TM Menu
Option+W Open Window Menu
Command+V Paste
Command+Option+P Preview in MS Word
Command+Shift+F6 Previous Editor
Command+Shift+F8 Previous Perspective
Command+Option+Left/Option+Shift+Left Arrow Previous Placeable
Command+Up Arrow Previous Segment (No Commit)
Option+Up Arrow Previous Segment (TM Commit)
Command+Option+8 Previous Term
Command+Option+Left Arrow Previous Term / Placeable
Command+Shift+F7 Previous View
Command+Left Arrow Previous Word
Command+P Print
Command+3 Quick Access
Command+Option+Q Quick Clean
Command+Y Redo
Command+Shift+Up Arrow Remove Term / Placeable
Option+Delete Restore Segment
Command+Option+M Retrieve Selected Segment
Option+F12 Retrieve Selected Tu
Command+S Save
Command+Option+S Save Translated File
Command+A Select All
Shift+End Select Until Line End
Shift+Home Select Until Line Start
Command+Shift+L Show Key Assist
Option+Shift+QthenQ Show View
Option+Shift+QthenX Show View (View: )
Option+Shift+QthenO Show View (View: Outline)
Command+Shift+8 Show Whitespace Characters
Option+Page Up Shrink Segment
F7 Spell Check
Shift+Tab Switch Between Source And Target
Command+Option+Shift+T TM Admin Preferences
Command+Shift+T TM Lookup
Command+Shift+F TM Source Lookup
Command+Shift+Q Transcheck
Command+Shift+End Translate All
Command+Option+F Translate Until Fuzzy
Command+Shift+Page Down Translate Until No Match
Command+Z Undo
Command+Option+Page Down Update Selected
Shift+F3 Uppercase / Lowercase
Option+Spacebar Window Size
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program