Shortcuts Sketch for MacOS

SketchUp for Mac is a program for modeling three-dimensional objects, such as buildings, furniture, interior. It is a professional product. If you are just starting to work with the program, we recommend remembering the main hotkeys in Google SketchUp for productive work.

Working with a mouse and keyboard is much easier and faster, it allows you to perform routine tasks instantly, without being distracted from the work itself. We’ve compiled a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Google SketchUp. Remembering all is not necessary, it is useful to know only those that relate to your work.

Insert Shape

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
A New Artboard
L Line
O Oval
P Pencil
R Rectangle
S Slice
T Text
U Rounded Rectangle
V Vector Point

Font Editing

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Command+B Bold
Command+I Italic
Command+U Underline
Command+T Change Font
Command+Option++ Increase font size
Command+Option+- Decrease font size
Ctrl+Option+L Increase Character Spacing
Ctrl+Option+T Decrease Character Spacing
Command+Shift+O Convert text to outlines
Command+Shift+{ Align Left
Command+Shift+| Align Center
Command+Shift+} Align Right
Command+Ctrl+Spacebar Special Character

Canvas View

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Command++/Command+- Zoom in/Zoom out
Command+0 Actual Size
Command+1 Center Canvas
Command+2 Zoom Selection
Command+3 Center Selection
Option+Tab Focus oon first input field
Ctrl+R Toggle Rulers
Ctrl+P Toggle Pixels
Ctrl+G Toggle Grids
Ctrl+L Toggle Layer Guides
Ctrl+H Toggle Selection Handling
Ctrl+X Toggle Pixel Grid
Spacebar+Drag More canvas

Window Shortcuts

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Command+~ Toggle between Documents
Command+Option+1 Toggle Layers List
Command+Option+2 Toggle Inspector
Command+Option+3 Toggle Layers.Inspector
Command+Option+T Toggle Toolbar
Command+. Presentation Mode
Command+Ctrl+F Enter Fullscreen

Editing Shapes

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Command+Option Keep Current Selection
Command+Ctrl+M Use as Mask Span
Command+Option+U Union
Command+Option+S Subtract
Command+Option+I Intersect
Command+Option+X Difference
Command+Arrow Keys Change Object Size
Command+Shift+Arrow Keys Change Units by 10
1..4 Change Vector Point Style

Editing Layers

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Option Show Distance to Other Layers
Command+D Duplicate
Command+Option+C Copy Style
Command+Option+V Paste Style
Ctrl+C Color Picker
Command+T Transform
Command+Option+R Rotate
F Toggle Fill
B Toggle Border

Arranging Layers,Groups and Artboards

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Command+Option+Up Arrow Bring Forward
Command+Option+Down Arrow Send Backward
Command+Option+Ctrl+Up Arrow Bring to Front
Command+Option+Ctrl+Down Arrow Sent to Back
Command+Option+H Hide
Command+Option+L Lock
Command+R Rename
Command+G Group Layers
Command+Option+G Ungroup Layers
Shift+Tab Select Above Layer
Tab Select Layer Below
Esc Select Parent Artboard
Fn+Up Arrow Select Page Above
Fn+Down Arrow Select Page Below
Command+F Find Layer By Name
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program