Shortcuts Firefox for Linux

Hot keys in Mozilla Firefox allow you to work faster with browser windows and tabs, interact with content, address building, settings and other tools. Knowing the basic combinations, it is possible not only to optimize the work, but also to release the hand that works with the mouse. The standard shortcut keys are already set by the developers, but the user can customize combinations for his own purposes, for example, add all the necessary combinations under his left hand. Remembering all the hotkeys for Mozilla Firefox is not necessary, just select for yourself the most necessary. We have prepared for you a complete list of hotkeys, select those that you often use in your work, and remember them. For Windows and Mac, the combinations are identical, only the modifier keys are different: on Windows - Ctrl, on Mac - Cmd.

Address Bar

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Alt+D/Ctrl+L Jump to address bar
Ctrl+Enter Complete a .com address in address bar: adds
Shift+Enter Complete a .net address in address bar: adds
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Complete a .org address in address bar: adds
Arrow Up/arrow down in address bar Open URL history in address bar and navigate. Press enter to launch selected webpage
delete in address bar history Delete current entry from address bar history
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Ctrl+K Jumps to search bar if installed (ctrl+e used to do so as well, but seems to be discontinued)
Alt+Arrow Up/arrow down in search bar Toggle search engines
Arrow Down/arrow up in search bar Choose from previous searches. Press enter to choose selected search term
Delete in previous searches Delete previous search entry
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Alt+Home Jump to homepage
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right One page backward / one page forward
Ctrl+T Open new tab in same window
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Page Down Jump to next browser tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab/Ctrl+Page Up Jump to previous browser tab
Ctrl+1...8 Jump to browser tab 1 - 8
Ctrl+9 Jump to the rightmost tab regardless on how many tabs are open
Ctrl+W/Ctrl+Q Close current browser tab
Ctrl+Shift+T Undo close browser tab

Inside Webpages

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Alt+d, then press tab twice (or three times) Get
Arrow Down/Arrow Up Scroll webpages up or down one line
Page Down/Page Up Scroll webpages up or down one page. space/shift+space does the same.
Home/End Jump to beginning / end of webpage
Tab/Shift+Tab Jump to next / jump to previous link
Enter Open selected link in current tab
Shift+Ctrl+Enter Open selected link in new foreground tab
Ctrl+Enter Open selected link in new background tab
Shift+Enter Open selected link in new window
Alt+Enter Download selected link
Ctrl+[+]/Ctrl+- Increase or decrease text size
Ctrl+0 (zero) Default text size
F5/Ctrl+R Reload page
Ctrl+F5/Ctrl+R Reload page with cache override
Esc Stop loading page
F6/Shift+F6 Jump forwards / jump backwards between tab bar and page. To reach addressbar, press f6 until reaching the tab (see dotted line around tab) and press tab
Shift+F10 Open context menu of a hyperlink. Press arrow up or down or initial letter to select command
F7 Turn caret mode on or off (navigation with keyboard)
Ctrl+A Select all, useful to copy and paste text out of webpages
Ctrl+C Copy selected text
Ctrl+P Print
Alt+f, then v Print preview
Ctrl+U Show page source
Ctrl+S Save page as
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Ctrl+F/[/] Open
' (apostrophe) Open
Ctrl+G/ enter or f3 Find next occurrence of search term.
Ctrl+Shift+G/Shift+F3 Find previous occurrence of search term.
Esc Close search window


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Ctrl+B/Ctrl+I Show or hide bookmark sidebar
Ctrl+Shift+B Organize bookmarks
Ctrl+D Add bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+D Bookmark all tabs. In the
Alt+b, then press a-z / number Open bookmark menu and press first letter of a bookmark name to load them. More than one entry with the same letter, requires to repeatedly pressing the letter and hit enter

Firefox Features

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Ctrl+J Open or close download window
Ctrl+H Show or hide browsing history
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Clear private data (menu)
Ctrl+O Open file
Ctrl+L Open Location
Alt+F Open file menu
Alt+E Open edit menu
Alt+V Open view menu
Alt+S Open history menu
Alt+B Open bookmark menu
Alt+T Open tools menu
Alt+H Open help menu
Ctrl+/ Show / hide Add-On Bar (holding add-ons)

Firefox Windows

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Ctrl+N/Alt+F+N Opens new browser window
Ctrl+Shift+W/Alt+F4 Close browser window
Alt+Space Opens the title bar menu (default Windows feature)
Alt+Space+Enter Restore Window (default Windows feature)
Alt+Space+X Maximize Window (default Windows feature)
Alt+Space+N Minimize Window (default Windows feature)
F11 Turn full page view on or off (default Windows feature)


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Tab/Shift+Tab Jump to next or previous form element
Space Activate or deactivate radio buttons and check boxes
Alt+Arrow Down Select from a drop-down menu
Ctrl+c, ctrl+x and ctrl+V Copy, cut or paste selected text (when working in forms)
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Select previously used form entries
Shift+Delete Delete previously used form entries

The Rest

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Ctrl+Shift+I Open or close webpage Inspector
Ctrl+Shift+J Open Java Error Console. Press escape to close
F1 Firefox (online) help
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program