Shortcuts Steinberg Cubase for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Steinberg Cubase for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 168 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.


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A Adjust fades to range
X Crossfade
Command+F Find selected in pool


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Option+R Read automation for all tracks on/off
Option+W Write automation for all tracks on/off

Devices Catagory

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F3 Mix console
F4 VST connection
F8 Video
F11 VST instruments
F12 VST performance


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F Autoscroll on/off
Command+C Copy
Command+X Cut
Command+Shift+X Cut time
Delete/Backspace Delete
Shift+Backspace Delete time
Command+D Duplicate
Command+Shift+I Edit in place
Command+G Group
Command+Shift+E Insert silence
E Left selection side to cursor
Command+Shift+L Lock
Command+L Move to cursor
M Mute
Shift+M Mute events
Option+M Mute/unmute objects
Command+E Open default editor
Command+R Open score editor
Return Open/close editor
Command+V Paste
Option+V Paste at origin
Command+Shift+V Record enable
R Record enable
Command+Shift+Z Redo
Command+K Repeat
D Right selection side to curser
Command+A Select all
Command+Shift+A Slelect none
J Snap on/off
S Solo
Option+X Split at cursor
Shift+X Split at cursor
Command+Z Undo
Command+U Ungroup
Command+Shift+U Unlock
Shift+U Unmute events


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Command+W Close
Command+N New
Command+O Open
Command+Q Quit
Command+S Save
Command+Shift+S Save as
Command+Option+S Save new version


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F5 Open MediaBay
F6 Open loop browser
F7 Open sound browser

MIDI Category

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Q Quantize
MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Shift+Down arrow Add down
Shift+Up arrow Add up
Shift+Left arrow Add left
Shift+Right arrow Add right
Down arrow Down
Up arrow Up
Left arrow Left
Right arrow Right
End End
Home Home

Nudge Category

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Option+Shift+Left arrow End left
Option+Shift+Right arrow End right
Command+Left arrow Left
Command+Right arrow Right
Option+Right arrow Start left
Option+Right arrow Start right


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Command+B Open browser
Command+M Open markers
Command+P Open pool
Command+T Open tempo track
Shift+S Setup
Shift+C Show/hide track colors

Score functions

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Option++(Pad) Insert voice:Next
Option+-(Pad) Insert voice: Previous


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5 Erase tool
8 Draw tool
0 Drumstick tool
4 Glue tool
7 Mute tool
F10 Next tool
F9 Previous tool
9 Play tool
2 Range tool
1 Object selection tool
3 Split tool
6 Zoom tool


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Shift+F Zoom full
H Zoom in
Option+Down arrow Zoom in tracks
G Zoom out
Option+Up arrow/Command+Up arrow Zoom out tracks
Shift+E Zoom events
Command+S Zoom to selection
Z/Command+Down arrow Zoom tracks exclusive


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Option+0 Lock/unlock active workspace
Command+0 New
W Organise
Command+1 Workspace 1
Command+2 Workspace 2
Command+3 Workspace 3
Command+4 Workspace 4
Command+5 Workspace 5
Command+6 Workspace 6
Command+7 Workspace 7
Command+8 Workspace 8
Command+9 Workspace 9


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I Auto punch in
O Auto punch out
Pad / Cycle
Shift+Pad + Exchange time formats
Shift+Pad - Fast forward
Pad + Fast rewind
Shift+L Input left locator
Shift+R Input right locator
Shift+T Input tempo
Insert Insert marker
Shift+P Input position
N Locate next event
Shift+N Locate previous event
B Locate previous hitpoint
Shift+B Locate previous marker
L Locate selection
P Locators to selection
Shift+G Loop selection
C Mentronome on
Command+Pad - Nudge down
Command+Pad + Nudge up
F2 Panel (Transport panel)
Option+Space Play selection range
Shift+Pad 1 Recall cycle marker 1
Shift+Pad 2 Recall cycle marker 2
Shift+Pad 3 Recall cycle marker 3
Shift+Pad 4 Recall cycle marker 4
Shift+Pad 5 Recall cycle marker 5
Shift+Pad 6 Recall cycle marker 6
Shift+Pad 7 Recall cycle marker 7
Shift+Pad 8 Recall cycle marker 8
Shift+Pad 9 Recall cycle marker 9
Pad * Record
Shift+Pad * Retrospective record
Pad ./Pad , Return to zero
Pad - Rewind
Command+Pad 1 Set left locator
Command+1 Set marker 1
Command+2 Set marker 2
Command+3 Set marker 3
Command+4 Set marker 4
Command+5 Set marker 5
Command+6 Set marker 6
Command+7 Set marker 7
Command+8 Set marker 8
Command+9 Set marker 9
Command+Pad 2 Set right locator
Enter Start
Space Start/stop
Pad 0 Stop
Pad 1 To left locator
Shift+1 To marker 1
Shift+2 To marker 2
Pad 2 To right locator
T Use external sync
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