Shortcuts VariCAD for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the VariCAD for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 197 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

Lines and Curves

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LIN Line
ARR Arrow
GRA Graph
CPL Draw Polyline
PLL Join Objects into Polyline
RECT Rectangle
POL Polygon
TAN Tangent Line
ELL Ellipse
MLL Multi Line
SHA Shaft
SPL Spline
AXI Axes
LAX Linear Axes
CAX Circle Axis
BOR Sheet Border

Circles and Arcs

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CCR Circle Center Radius
ACR Arc Center Radius
CCP Circle Center Point
ACP Arc Center Point
CR2 Circle 2 Points
AR2 Arc 2 Points
C3P Circle 3 Points
A3P Arc 3 Points
APT Arc Point Tangent
AT2 Arc Tangent to 2 Objects
CT2 Circle Tangent to 2 Objects
TG3 Circle Tangent to 3 Objects
HOL2 Group of Holes

Creating 2D Text

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NOTE Note (Multiple Lines)
TEX Single Text Line
TXI Insert Text File

Creating Points

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POI Point
POC Points on Arc
PLN Points on Line, Number
PLD Points on Line, Distance
PFF Points from File


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HAT Hatch, Select Boundary
AHB Hatch, Detect Boundaries Automatically
CHH Change Hatch Area or Style
CHHP Change Hatch Style
CHP Create Pattern


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HDI Horizontal Dimension
VDI Vertical Dimension
SDI Diagonal Dimension
RDI Radius Dimension
DDI Diameter Dimension
ADI Angular Dimension
HPD Horizontal Baseline Dimensions
HSD Horizontal Serial Dimensions
HDD Horizontal Datum Dimensions
VPD Vertical Baseline Dimensions
VSD Vertical Serial Dimensions
VDD Vertical Datum Dimensions
SPD Diagonal Baseline Dimensions
SSD Diagonal Serial Dimensions
SDD Diagonal Datum Dimensions
HDM Horizontal Diameter Dimension
VDM Vertical Diameter Dimension
SDM Diagonal Diameter Dimension
HTH Horizontal Thread Dimension
VTH Vertical Thread Dimension
STH Diagonal Thread Dimension
THR Thread Dimensions
STXA Single Text Arrow
MTXA Multiple Text Arrow
POS Leader
FSY Finish Symbols
WSY Welding Symbols
TSY Tolerance Symbols

2D Drawing Tools

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DCC Displayed Cursor Coordinates
ORT Drawing in Ortho Mode
ORTC Ortho, if Close to Vertical/Horizontal
ORTH Ortho, Next Horizontal
ORTV Ortho, Next Vertical
OMO Turn off Ortho Mode
ORTS Ortho, Set Close Angle
STP Drawing in Increment Mode
STO Increment Mode Off
STS Set Increments of Cursor Movement

Editing 2D Objects

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DOB Delete 2D Objects
ROL Remove Previous View Export
BLA Blank 2D Objects
UBL Unblank 2D Objects
ETX Edit Text
MTL Move Text Vertically
TWD Text Width
TAC Change Text Style
EDM Edit Dimension
EDI Edit Dimension Text
MDT Move Dimension Text
EDS Change Dimension Style
EXP Explode
BLN Break Line
MLA Change Layer
MPE Change Color
MLT Change Line Type
BPO Divide by Point
BBO Divide by Curve
TBO Trim
EBO Extend
CHLL Change Line Lenght
CHAR Change Arc Radius
CEC Circle from Arc
CCO Corner
RSG Remove Segment
CHM Chamfer 2D Corner
RND Fillet 2D Corner
JTX Align Text
ESP Edit Spline
BTF Explode Font

Hot Keys

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Ctrl+A Add Solid
Ctrl+C Select Objects to Clipboard
Ctrl+E Bill of Material
Ctrl+G Grid
Ctrl+K Insert Block
Ctrl+L Line
Ctrl+N New
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+T Translate or Copy 2D Objects
Ctrl+V Objects from Clipboard
Ctrl+W Cut Solid
Ctrl+X 2D View from 3D
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
F1 Context-Sensitive Help
F2 Save
F5 Zoom
F6 Redraw
F7 Set 2D Cursor
F9 Drawing in Increment Mode
F11 Drawing in Ortho Mode
Shift+F3 Information
Shift+F9 Calculator
Shift+F11 Turn off Ortho Mode
Ctrl+F1 3D Groups Management
Ctrl+F2 3D Sections Management
Ctrl+F4 Close
Ctrl+3 Windows
Ctrl+Tab Activate Previous Window
Alt+2 Switch to 2D
Alt+3 Switch to 3D
Ctrl+B Blank Objects
Ctrl+D Delete Objects
Ctrl+F Fillet Edge/Corner
Ctrl+R Chamfer Edge/Corner
Ctrl+U Unblank Objects

Embedded Functions

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
RS1 Restore View 1
RS2 Restore View 2
RS3 Restore View 3
RS4 Restore View 4
RS5 Restore View 5
RS6 Restore View 6
RS7 Restore View 7
RS8 Restore View 8
ZSV Save View
ZALL Zoom All
ZWI Zoom Window
ZFO Zoom Drawing Format
ZPR Undo View
ZRD Redo View
VLE Left View
VRI Right View
VFR Front View
VBA Back View
VTO Top View
VBO Bottom View
X90 Rotate View X 90 Deg
X180 Rotate View X 180 Deg
X270 Rotate View X 270 Deg
Y90 Rotate View Y 90 Deg
Y180 Rotate View Y 180 Deg
Y270 Rotate View Y 270 Deg
RNP View Perpendicular to Plane
PRV Predefined View
VCN Auto View Rotation Center
VCNI Define View Rotation Center
SHW Shade/Wireframe Entire Display
ODT3 3D Object Information
SON Old/New View Export, Updated 2D
STP 2D Drawing in Increment Mode
ORT 2D Drawing in Ortho Mode
ORTH Ortho Alternating Horizontal/Vertical
ORTV Ortho Alternating Vertical/Horizontal
OMO Turn off Ortho Mode
GRI 2D Grid
UCO 2D User Origin
STAT 3D Space Information
3DD 3D Distance
3DCO 3D Coordinates
DPP Distance Point Plane
DPC Distance Point Cylinder
APL Angle between Planes
SCY Cylinder Dimensions
HFU Context-Sensitive Help
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program