Shortcuts CityEngine for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the CityEngine for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 48 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

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Option+LMB Rotate
Option+MMB Track/pan
Option+RMB Dolly
B Lookaround
LMB Apply tool/Replace selection
Shift+LMB Add to selection
Command+LMB Toggle selection
Shift+Command+LMB Remove from selection
A Frame all
DthenD Toggle information Display visibility
DthenN Toggle Navigation Display
DthenG Toggle Grid
DthenA Toggle Axes
DthenC Toggle Compass
F Frame selected
I Toggle Isolation
L Toggle scene light/head light
P Toggle between Perspective and orthogonal view
X Apply left/right side view (changes camera orientation only)
Y Apply top/bottom view (changes camera orientation only)
Z Apply front/back view (changes camera orientation only)
H Reset Camera view
NumPad Num Apply bookmark at position NamPad
Command+NumPad Num Save current camera settings as bookmark at position NumPad
Command+A Select all
4 Select wireframe mode
5 Select shaded mode
6 Select textured mode
7 Toggle wireframe on shaded
F9 Show/hide map layers
F10 Show/hide graph networks
F11 Show/hide shapes
F12 Show/hide models
Q Select selection tool/toggle selection modes
W Select translate tool
E Select rotate tool
R Select scale tool
S Select polygonal Shape creation tool
Shift+S Select rectangular Shape creation tool
G Select polygonal street creation tool
Shift+G Select manual street creation tool
MthenD Measure Distance tool
MthenA Measure Area tool
O Local edits tool
PgUp Select higher level in Local Edits Tool
PgDn Select lower level in Local Edits Tool
Home Select previous pattern
End Select next pattern
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program