Shortcuts Winamp Media Player for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Winamp Media Player for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 73 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

Play Music in Winamp

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X Play song, make sure main window is active by pressing alt+w twice
V Stop song
Ctrl+V Stop song with fadeout
C Pause and unpause song
B/Z Jump to next or previous song
J Jump to file
Shift+L Open directory to play from
L Open file, use tab, shift+tab and arrow keys to navigate
Ctrl+L Open URL to play from
R Toggle repeat (note changed icon)
S Toggle shuffle (note changed icon)
Arrow Left/Arrow Right Rewind or fast forward 5 seconds
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Turn volume up or down
Ctrl+T Show remaining time elapsed or left for current song
Ctrl+J Jump to time in current song
Shift+V Stop after song finished (would be nice if you could see that somewhere)
Alt+3 Tag editor
J/ , on numeric keypad Open jump-to-file Box

Manage Winamp Window(s)

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Alt+W Toggle main wwindow
Alt+L Show or hide media library window
Alt+V Show or hide video window
Alt+X Show or hide browser window
Alt+G Show or hide graphic equalizer window
Alt+C Show or hide skin setting menu
Ctrl+Shift+K Show or hide Visualization window
Ctrl+Tab Cycle through different windows (seems to be worthless), use alt+w twice to get to main player window, alt+l to get to media library etc.
Ctrl+W Toggle winshade mode (minimize)
Ctrl+A Toggle always on top
Ctrl+Alt+N Open new winamp window / Create another instance of Winamp

Access Menus and Features

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Alt+F Open file menu
Alt+P Open play menu
Alt+O Open options menu
Alt+I Open view menu menu
Ctrl+P Open preference menu, press esc to leave
Alt+S Open Skin selection menu in preferences
Alt+K Configure Current Visualization Plug-In
Ctrl+Shift+K Start/Stop current Visualization Plug-In
Ctrl+K Open Visualization Tab of Preferences
F1 Open

Manage Playlists

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Ctrl+N New (clear) playlist
Ctrl+O Open (load) playlist
Ctrl+S Save playlist
Alt+3 View or edit track info
Ctrl+E Edit selected track filename
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+I Invert selection
Delete Remove selected files from playlist
Ctrl+Delete Crop playlist
Alt+Arrow Down/Alt+Arrow Up Move selected files down / move selected files up
Arrow Down/Arrow Up Move cursor down / move cursor up
Enter Play Selected file
End/Home Jump to end / jump to start of list
Alt+Delete Remove dead (non-existent) files
Ctrl+Shift+1 Sort playlist by title
Ctrl+Shift+2 Sort playlist by file name
Ctrl+Shift+3 Sort playlist by file path and name
Ctrl+R Reverse playlist
Ctrl+Shift+R Randomize playlist

Shortcuts for Winamp Equalizer

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1 to 0 Increase EQ bands
q to p Decrease EQ bands
` Increase EQ preamp
Tab Decrease EQ preamp
S Open presets menu
Ctrl+S Load preset
A Toggle EQ aauto-loading
Ctrl+F4 Close (hide) graphical equalizer

Numeric Keyboard Shortcuts

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5 on numeric keypad Play, restart, update
0 on numeric keypad Open/play file
6/4 on numeric keypad Next track / previous track
3/1 on numeric keypad Jump 10 songs forward / jump 10 songs back
7/9 on numeric keypad Rewind 5 seconds / Fast-forward 5 seconds
8/2 on numeric keypad Turn volume up / turn volume down
Ctrl+0 on numeric keypad Open/play location
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program