Shortcuts Modo for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Modo for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 244 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.


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F1 Help
Ctrl+N New scene
Ctrl+O Open saved scene
Ctrl+I Open saved image
Ctrl+W Close current scene
Ctrl+Shift+W Close all open scenes
Ctrl+S Save current scene
Ctrl+Shift+S Save scene as
Ctrl+Q Quit Modo
Alt+F12 Config file save
Shift+F5 Run script
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Delete Delete (not available in Items mode)
Ctrl+R Brings up the last tool used
Alt+R Brings up the last tool used, ignoring UI interactions and selections
Ctrl+Tab Layout switcher, organized by most recent
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Alt+Click Rotate view
Alt+Middle-click Rotate viewport Z axis (bank) view
Alt+Right-click Flick' rotate
Shift+Alt+Left-click Pan view
Shift+Alt+Right-click Pan up/down only
Ctrl+Alt+Left-click Zoom to mouse position
Ctrl+Alt+Right-click Box zoom
. (period) Zoom in (only in component modes)
Shift+. (period) Zoom in x2
, (comma) Zoom out (only in component modes)
Shift+ , (comma) Zoom out x2
G Center the view on the cursor's position
/ Turntable (only in component modes)
Shift+/ When turntable is running, displays upright turntable
Mouse Wheel Scroll Zoom view in and out to mouse pointer
A Fit (zoom to scene extents/all items)
Shift+A Fit selected (zooms to selected elements)
Ctrl+A Align selected (aligns view to the current selection)
Ctrl+Shift+A Fit and align selected (zooms and aligns the view to the current selection)

3D Viewport Options

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O Open the viewport options pop-over
0 Maximize/minimize the viewport within the group
. (decimal) Perspective
1 Top (press again to toggle top/bottom view)
Shift+1 Bottom
2 Front (press again to toggle front/back view)
Shift+2 Back
3 Right (press again to toggle right /left view)
Shift+3 Left
Shift+4 Shaded
Shift+5 Texture
Shift+6 Reflection
Shift+7 Wireframe
Shift+8 Solid
Shift+9 Vertex Map
/ Wireframe None
Shift+/ Wireframe Light
Ctrl+/ Wireframe Dark

Item List

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F In Items selection mode, locate selected item (layer). In other modes flip polygons
Shift+click Expand/close all (also in Shader Tree)
' (apostrophe) Swap foreground/background layers
Ctrl+D Duplicate selected layer(s) (only in Items mode)
Shift+D Instance selected layer(s) (only in Items mode)
N New Mesh Item
L New locator item (only in Items mode)

Channel list

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I Select modifier input
O Select modifier output
C Channel haul on (only in Items mode)

Floating Windows

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F2 Modeling toolbox
F3 Sculpt/paint toolbox
F4 Setup toolbox
F5 Command History viewport
F6 Presets viewport
F7 Graph Editor
F8 Render preview
F11 Snapping pop-over
` (backtick) Toggle window visibility

Pie Menus

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Ctrl+` (backtick) Layout switch favorites
Ctrl+1 GL viewport toggles
Ctrl+2 GL viewport style
Ctrl+Space GL viewport view type
Ctrl+3 Open pop-over
Alt+Q Selection mode/Transform tools
Alt+ ` (backtick) Open palette
Shift+ ` (backtick) Properties and options
B Brushes pie menu (only when a Brush tool is active)
Alt+Space Animation shortcuts (only in the Animation layout)

General Modeling

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Q Drops active tool
K "Tool properties pop-over
Esc Escape current operation/drop active selection
Space Cycle-through Component modes
Shift+Space Toggle Component mode to Item Mode (or last mode)
- Tool handle smaller
0 Toggle tool handle visibility (not on the numeric keypad; only on Mac)
Ctrl+D Reset tool attributes
Shift+0-9 Select layer 1-10
Alt+Space Quick access pop-over
M Assign material tag
Tab Toggle subdivision surfaces
Shift+Tab Toggle Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces
Keypad +/- Increase/decrease subdivision level

Action Center/Axis

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Alt+W Origin
Alt+E Pivot
Alt+A Automatic
Alt+S Selection
Alt+D Selection center, auto axis
Alt+Q Displays pie menu
Alt+F Screen
Alt+Z Element
Alt+X Local
Alt+G Pivot center, parent axis

Selection (Modelling)

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Alt+Shift+A Select all
Arrow Up More (select next plausible element in loop)
Shift+Arrow Up Select expand
Arrow Down Less (de-select last element)
Shift+Arrow Down Shrink
Arrow Left Select previous loop
Shift+Arrow Left Select previous loop add
Arrow Right Select next loop
Shift+Arrow Right Select next loop add
L Select loop
Alt+L Select ring
] Connected
[ Invert selection
Shift+] Close loop
Shift+G Select between
Alt+1 Convert selection to vertices
Alt+2 Convert selection to edges
Alt+3 Convert selection to polygons
; (semicolon) Select through toggle

Hide/Lock Geometry

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H Hide selected
Shift+H Hide unselected
Ctrl+H Hide invert (toggle state)
U Show
J Lock selected
Shift+J Lock unselected
Ctrl+J Lock invert (toggle state)
I Unlock

Work Plane

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Home Align to geometry under cursor
Shift+Home Align to selection (average of all selected)
Ctrl+Home Align to viewport
End Reset the Work Plane
Shift+End Open Work Plane pop-over
Page Up Walk +
Page Down Walk -
Keypad * (asterisk) Toggle visibility
Alt+O Offset Work Plane to geometry position under cursor


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X Toggle snap state (hold with tool active for temporary snap)
F11 Open snapping pop-over
Ctrl+Shift+T Element snap


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W Move
E Rotate
Alt+Shift+E Planar rotate
R Scale
Shift+R Uniform scale
Y Transform
Ctrl+E Bend
T Element move (Tweak)
Ctrl+T Soft drag
Shift+Y Flex tool
Shift+S Smooth tool
Shift+X Extrude
Shift+L Radial sweep
Shift+Q Grow quad row from edge
Z Extend edge
Shift+V Mirror tool
Backspace Remove
Ctrl+Backspace Collapse
B Bevel
Shift+B Polygon bevel
Alt+B Sketch extrude
Ctrl+B Create polygon of given type from vertex selection
C Edge slice
Shift+C Polygon slice
Alt+C Loop slice
D Subdivide selected geometry
Shift+D Open subdivide options
F Flip polygon normal
Ctrl+L Split face by selected vertices
P Make polygon
Shift+T Triple polygons (convert to triangles)
V Spin edge
Alt+V Spin quads curves
Shift+O Make open curve
Ctrl+P Make closed curve
Shift+W Weight tool
Shift+M Morph tool

Paint And Sculpt

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B Open brush tips pie menu (only when tool is active)
O Open large color picker pop-over (hover over UI color picker)
S Swap foreground/background colors
E/R Image ink rotate left/right
D/F Image ink scale up/down
Shift+Z Adjust offset amount (sticky key, only while Brush tool is active)
Alt+(numeric pad) + Subdivision level up
Alt+(numeric pad) - Subdivision level down
Ctrl+(numeric pad) + Current level up
Ctrl+(numeric pad) - Current level down


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Shift+Alt+Click+Drag Move camera item
Shift+Alt+right-click+Drag Move up/down direction only
Alt+Click+Drag Rotate around target distance
Alt+Right-click+Drag Rotate around Z axis
Ctrl+Middle-click+Drag Image ink scale up/down
Ctrl+Alt+Click+drag Move forward/backward only
Ctrl+Alt+Right-click+Drag Adjust focal length
Roll Mouse Wheel Zooms to cursor
Ctrl+A Auto focus camera (only in a viewport defined as Camera and with auto-focus enabled)
Ctrl+F Restart preview (only in the Preview viewport)


Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Shift+Z Select all animated items
Z Select all animated channels
Ctrl+G Group selected items (under group locator)
P Parent in place
Ctrl+P Parent
Shift+P Unparent in place
Ctrl+Shift+P Unparent
Shift+Arrow Up Go to first frame
Ctrl+Arrow Up Go to first keyframe
Ctrl+Arrow Left Go to previous keyframe
Shift+Arrow Left Go back one frame
/ Start/stop animation playback
Shift+Arrow Right Go forward one frame
Ctrl+Arrow Right Go to next keyframe
Ctrl+Arrow Down Go to last keyframe
Shift+Y Key transforms
Shift+E Key rotations
Shift+W Key positions
Shift+R Key scale
S Key selected channels
Shift+S Key selected items
A Fit selected
Ctrl+F Fit visible
Shift+F Fit visible width
Alt+click Pan view
Ctrl+Alt+Click Scale view
Alt+Right-click Scale graph size
Ctrl+Alt+Right-click Box zoom (drag box to zoom)
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste insert keyframes to selected channels
Ctrl+Alt+V Paste replace keyframes to selected channels


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F9 Render
Ctrl+F9 Render visible
Shift+F9 Render selected
F10 Render current view
Alt+Shift+F9 Open render display window
Ctrl+F Focus under cursor
mouse wheel Preview zoom
middle-click+drag Jump the preview out to the original focal length (only when zoomed in)
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