Shortcuts Adobe Premiere for MacOS

For convenient work with video editing in the Adobe Premiere CC program, use hotkeys. Combinations can be configured manually, for example, to collect all hotkeys under the left hand to release the right hand, or use standard combinations. You can configure hotkeys to the Edit - Keyboard Shortcuts window. Remember all is not necessary. Use only those combinations that will allow you to get rid of repetitive tasks, and remember the basic modifier keys, and then work will go faster and more productively. When you hover over a key in the keyboard layout, the full name of the command is highlighted.

General Shortcuts

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Option+Command+N New Project
Command+S Save Project
Shift+Command+S Save As
Option+Command+S Save Copy
Command+W Close
Shift+Command+W Close Project
Command+T Title
Command+O Open Existing Project
Option+Command+O Open in Adobe bridge
Command+N Sequence
Command+Q Exit
Command+I Import
Option+Command+I Import from media browser
Command+M Media
Command+F Find
Shift+Command+H Selection
Command+C Copy
Command+X Cut
Command+V Paste
Command+Z Undo
Command+Y/Shift+Command+Z Redo
Command+A Select All
Shift+Command+A Deselect All
Command+E Edit
Shift+Command+V Paste Insert
Option+Command+V Paste Attributes
Forward Del Clear
Shift+Forward Del Delete forever
Shift+Command+/ Duplicate
Command+/ Bin

Clipping Shortcuts

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Command+L Link
Command+G Group
Shift+Command+G Ungroup
Command+R Speed
F5 Capture
, Insert
. Overwrite
Command+K Add edit
Command+Shift+K Add edit to track
Command+D Video transition
Command+Shift+D Audio transition
Shift+R Reverse match frame
=/- Zoom in/Zoom out
S Snap
Shift+Home Go to selected clip start
Shift+End Go to selected clip end
Home Go to sequence clip start
End Go to sequence clip end
]/[ Increse/Decrese volume
Shift+- Minimize all tracks
Shift++ Next in Sequence
Option++ Previous in Sequence
' Extract
Command+U Make Subclip
Shift+G Audio Channels

Marker Operation

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
I/O Mark in/Mark out
X Mark clip
/ Mark selection
Shift+I Go to in
Shift+O Go to out
Option+I/Option+O Clear in/Clear out
Option+X Clear in and out
M Add marker
Command+Shift+M Previous marker
Shift+M Next marker
Option+M Clear current marker
Command+Shift+L Left align
Command+Shift+C Center align
Command+Shift+R Right align
Command+Shift+T Stopping tab
Command+J Templates

Window Shortcuts

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Shift+1 Project
Shift+2 Source monitor
Shift+3 Timeline
Shift+4 Program monitor
Shift+5 Effect control
Shift+6 Audio track mixer
Shift+7 Effects
Shift+8 Media browser
Shift+9 Audio clip mixer
Commandl+1..9 Cut to camera
Command+Shift+P Clear poster frame
Command+Shift+E Export frame
1..9 Select Camera
Option+Shift+0 Replace Current Workplace

Panel Shortcuts

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
V Record video
A Record Audio
E Eject
F Fast forward
Q Go to in point
W Go to out point
R Rewind
G Record
S Stop
Left Arrow Step back
Right arrow Step forward
Del Remove effects/delete item
Spacebar Play
0 Record on/off
Down arrow/Up arrow Next/Previous
K Shuttle Stop
J Shuttle Right
L Shuttle Left

Tools Shortcuts

MacOS Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
A Track select tool
B Ripple edit tool
C Razor tool
H Hand tool
N Rolling edit tool
P Pen tool
U Slide tool
V Selection tool
Y Slip tool
Z Zoom tool
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program