Shortcuts SketchUp for Windows

SketchUp for Windiws is a program for modeling three-dimensional objects, such as buildings, furniture, interior. It is a professional product. If you are just starting to work with the program, we recommend remembering the main hotkeys in Google SketchUp for productive work.

Working with a mouse and keyboard is much easier and faster, it allows you to perform routine tasks instantly, without being distracted from the work itself. We’ve compiled a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Google SketchUp. Remembering all is not necessary, it is useful to know only those that relate to your work.


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Spacebar Select
A Arc
B Paint Bucket
C Circle
E Eraser
L Line
M Move
F oFfset
P Push/Pull
S Scale
Q Rotate
R Rectangle
Shift+Z Zoom Extension
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Date of change: 04.04.2019
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program