Shortcuts SuperMemo for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the SuperMemo for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 129 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.


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F1 Help
F2 Translated Help
F3 Search
F4 Open Tasklist Manager
F5 Apply Warrior Layout without Making Default Layout
F6 Filter HTML or RTF Source
F7 Spell Check
F8 Display Encoding Codes of Registry Member Name
F9 View File Associalted with Component
F11 Random review in Collection/Browser
F12 Sleep and Learning Timeline
Click Edit
Shift+Click Edit File
Ctrl+Click View File
Alt+Click Switch Components between Presentation,Editing and Dragging
Ctrl+Shift+Click Drag Component to ClipBox
A Edit first answer
E Edit Text
Q Edit first question
Del Delete currently displayed element
Insert Insert Element in Content Window
Tab Move to Next Components
Shift+Enter Single spaced new line in HTML
Shift+Tab Move to the previous option or option group
Shift+F2 Search SuperMemo Wiki Help
Shift+F3 Search Leeches
Shift+F4 Import mail from MS Outlook
Shift+F12 Quick Backup
Ctrl+Up Arrow Go to parent of current element
Ctrl+Enter SuperMemo Commander
Ctrl+Spacebar Browse elements belonging to the selected branch in content window
Ctrl+] Increse Font Size
Ctrl+[ Decrease Font Size
Ctrl+Delete Delete Current Component/Task/activity
Ctrl+F2 Execute Final Drill
Ctrl+F3 Search Web for currently selected phrase
Ctrl+F5 Restore default windows layout
Ctrl+F6 Next window
Ctrl+F7 Set ReadPoint in Article
Ctrl+F8 Download Remote Images reffered to HTML Components
Ctrl+F9 Edit File Associated with Component
Ctrl+F10 Play Again
Ctrl+F11 Random Test
Ctrl+F12 Repair Collection
Ctrl+A Select/Check All
Ctrl+B Bold font in Text
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+D Dismiss Current Element/Task
Ctrl+E Editing Mode
Ctrl+F Find Element
Ctrl+G Go to element with given number
Ctrl+H Add HTML Note
Ctrl+I Italic font inText
Ctrl+J Reschedule
Ctrl+K Create Hyperlink in Element Window
Ctrl+K Convert Current Branch into Category in Content Window
Ctrl+L Learn in Element Window
Ctrl+M Memorize curently selected task in Tasklist Manager
Ctrl+N Add new article to current category by pasting text from keyboard
Ctrl+O Reopen collection
Ctrl+P Plan Daily Schedule
Ctrl+Q Import File
Ctrl+R Find and Replace in Registry Window
Ctrl+S Save changes in Schedule Manager
Ctrl+T Edit Text Components
Ctrl+U Underline font in Text Components
Ctrl+V Paste from Clipboard
Ctrl+W Workload
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
Alt+F1 Add New Task
Alt+F4 Close Program
Alt+F5 Dock Toolbars
Alt+F7 Go to Read Point
Alt+F11 Random Test/Resume Random Test
Alt+F12 Open current componen menu
Alt+A Add new task
Alt+B Begin Currently Selected Activity in Schedule Manager
Alt+C View contents Window
Alt+D Duplicate
Alt+E Edit Menu
Alt+F file Menu
Alt+G Cancel Grade
Alt+H Help Menu
Alt+L Learn Menu
Alt+N Add New Note
Alt+O Options
Alt+P Modify Priority of Current Element
Alt+Q Choose Reference Lbel
Alt+S Search Menu
Alt+T Edit Title/Refrence
Alt+U Translate All Text Components in Element Window
Alt+V View Menu
Alt+W Window Menu
Alt+Z Remember Close
Shift+Ctrl+F2 Impose Template
Shift+Ctrl+F5 Save as default
Shift+Ctrl+F6 View Source Code of HTML/RTF file
Shift+Ctrl+F7 Clear read point
Shift+Ctrl+F8 Process picture
Shift+Ctrl+1 DeHTML Size
Shift+Ctrl+C Copy Collection
Shift+Ctrl+D Add to Final Drill
Shift+Ctrl+E Send Element,files or Extract via Email
Shift+Ctrl+F Link Registry Font
Shift+Ctrl+G Hide SuperMemo
Shift+Ctrl+H Display Repetition History
Shift+Ctrl+I Ignore
Shift+Ctrl+J Later today
Shift+Ctrl+K Link Registry Member
Shift+Ctrl+O Edit Component Order
Shift+Ctrl+P Edit Element Parameters
Shift+Ctrl+T Transfer current element to another collection
Shift+Ctrl+U View source data of element
Shift+Ctrl+V Move current element to selected knowledge tree branch
Shift+Ctrl+W Import from Wikipedia
Shift+Ctrl+X Display ancesters window with position of element in knowledge tree
Shift+Ctrl+Y Import from YouTube
Ctrl+Alt+Enter Collapse current branch in content window
Ctrl+Alt+F10 Show/Hide background behind supermemo
Ctrl+Alt+F11 Show/Hide toolbars window
Ctrl+Alt+F12 Move one difficulty level up
Shift+Alt+A Tools/Statistics/Analysis
Shift+Alt+H Insert Splitline in Components Menu
Shift+Alt+M Mercy
Shift+Alt+T Tile Components
Shift+Alt+X Schedule Extract and Define its priority
Shift+Alt+L Test Repetition Cycle
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program