Shortcuts IMVU for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the IMVU for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 107 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.


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Command+Y Furni Copy Tool
Command+I Furni lock Tool
Command+S Furni Scale Tool
Command+E Explore Tool
Command+R Furni Rotate Tool
Command+U Furni Straighten Tool
Command+D Furni Delete Tool
Command+M Furni Move Tool

Screen and View

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Command+I Toggle bird eye view
Command+B Cycle through number of visible chat bubbles
Command+Y Redo furniture undo
F11 Toggle full screen mode
Command+C Copy text from selected chat balloon
Command+V Paste text into new chat balloon
Command+F Toggle furniture widget

Cheat Code(Type with *use like *use 111)

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131 Amber Eyebrows
151 Amber eyes
293 Abby shirt Goochee
294 Abby shirt Jam
295 Abby shirt Morbo
296 Abby shirt Night
297 Abby shirt Snow
163 Baby T Black Estupido
167 Baby T IMVU
164 Baby T Pink Pooch
166 Baby T Sky Splash
129 Background circle snow mountain
214 Baggy Hoodie Good Morning
215 Baggy Hoodie Midnight
216 Baggy Hoodie Special Man
217 Baggy Hoodie Sunset
185 Baggy T Green IMTV
186 Baggy T Orange Matto
2001 Banana
132 Black eyebrows
133 Blond Eyebrows
146 Blond Eyebrows(male)
149 Blue eyes
127 Blue/Yellow Square room
171 Cargo Shorties Drab
172 Cargo Shorties Mykonos
173 Cargo Shorties Santorini
235 Daisy Oxford Chocolate
236 Daisy Oxford Grass
237 Daisy Oxford NPG
238 Daisy Oxford Peppermint
227 Daisy Oxford Spring
154 Dark umber eyes
155 Day after eyes
286 Drab Long Cargoes
80 Female avatar
156 Green hazel eyes
232 Hip Huggiz Denim
233 Hip Huggiz Flash
234 Hip Huggiz Raysa
188 Homey Pants Chelsea (male)
189 Homey Pants Tribeca (male)
190 Homey Pants Village (male)
181 Kick Limelight (male)
218 Kickaz Boots Curb (male)
220 Kickaz Boots Grate (male)
221 Kickaz Boots Pavement (male)
222 Kickaz Boots Zap (male)
182 Kicks Paladium (male)
183 Kicks Tunnel (male)
184 Kicks Webster Hall (male)
144 Light brown eyebrows (male)
145 Light brown eyebrows (male)
157 Light green eyes
158 Liz eyes
210 Long Shorts Camo (male)
211 Long Shorts Denim (male)
212 Long Shorts Khaki (male)
213 Long Shorts Zap (male)
191 Male avatar
160 Marla amber
159 Marla black
161 Marla blond
162 Marla Brunette
287 ‘Nilla Long Cargoes
289 Pericolo Pants Chase
290 Pericolo Pants Harley
291 Pericolo Pants Kitty
292 Pericolo Pants Oi!
12 Purple T- shirt with pooch
178 Rider Gloves Black (male)
179 Rider Gloves Drivin’ (male)
180 Rider Gloves Gamer (male)
228 Runniz Atlantis
229 Runniz Babel
230 Runniz Minoa
231 Runniz Troy
174 Schick Kitaz Cobra
175 Schick Kitaz Magma
176 Schick Kitaz Supahstah
177 Schick Kitaz Terra
152 Sienna eyes
153 Sunny eyes
298 Tommy Shirt Earth
299 Tommy Shirt Mars
300 Tommy Shirt Pluto
288 Trip Long Cargoes
2000 Turn into treasure chest
2999 Turn into loading image1
90 Turn into Pacman2
148 X bloody eyes
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program