Shortcuts Internet Explorer for Windows

Internet Explorer & ndash; default browser on windows. The popularity of the program is quite low, since the functionality and usability is sufficiently low. However, those who use this browser may use hotkeys for quick work.

Keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer work the same as on other browsers & ndash; allow you to perform many tasks instantly, without searching the menu. The combinations are already set by the developers. We have compiled a complete list of available combinations for quick access. Determine which tasks you most often repeat, memorize hot key combinations in Internet Explorer, and work faster and more conveniently.

Basic Navigation and Address Bar

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Alt+Home Go to Home webpage.
Alt+Arrow Right/Alt+Arrow Left Go to next / previous webpage.
Alt+D/F6 Jump to address bar. f6 additionally navigates through window elements.
Ctrl+Enter Complete a .com address in address bar: adds
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Complete an URI in address bar with user-defined suffix: adds
Alt+Arrow Down/F4 Open webpages visited in the past when in address bar. Includes Favorites and History. Navigate with arrow keys and enter to visit.
Delete/Shift+Delete Delete past visited webpages from address bar history (also see shortcut above).

Tabbed Browsing main

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Ctrl+T Open new tab in same window.
Ctrl+K Duplicate current tab.
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab Jump to next / jump to previous browser tab.
Ctrl+W Close the current tab.
Ctrl+Shift+T Restore closed tab (open previously closed tab).
Ctrl+Q Show Tabs: Open or close quick tab view.
Ctrl+Shift+Q Show Tabs: Open list of tabs. Then use arrow keys and enter to select or escape to exit.
Ctrl+1 ... ctrl+9 Jump to browser tab 1 - 9.
On Link: ctrl+ left mouse button Open link in new background tab (sometimes link is opened in new window; as an alternative, use right mouse button and press w).
Alt+Enter Open typed webpage address in new background tab.
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Arrow Down/Arrow Up Scroll down / scroll up inside a webpage.
Page Up/Page Down Jump one page down / jump one page up (space / shift+space works as well).
Home/End Move to the beginning or end of a document.
Ctrl+[+]/Ctrl+- Increase text size / decrease text size (zoom in and out).
Ctrl+0 (zero) Reset text size to default (zoom to 100%).
Tab/Shift+Tab Move forward / move backwards through items on a webpage. Press and hold tab button to skip through multiple links.
Shift+F10 When on link: Display a context menu for a link.
Enter Activate a selected link.
Tab/Shift+tab, and enter /Space In web forms: move forward / move backwards through form items. Press space to activate action buttons, select boxes, or radio buttons.
Ctrl+A Select all content on webpage.
F5/Ctrl+R Refresh the current webpage.
Ctrl+F5 Refresh the current webpage with cache override.
F7 Turn caret browsing on or off (movable cursor on page).
Esc Stop loading webpage.
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Ctrl+I Open Favorites box.
Ctrl+Shift+I Open Favorites box in pinned mode.
Ctrl+H Open History box.
Ctrl+Shift+H Open History in pinned mode.
Ctrl+J Open Feeds.
Ctrl+Shift+J Open Feeds in pinned mode.
Ctrl+ left mouse click In the History or Favorites boxes, open link as background tab.
Ctrl+D Add the current webpage to favorites.
Ctrl+B Open the Organize Favorites dialog box. Use tab to navigate and alt and shift+alt to move items up or down in list.
Ctrl+F/F3 Open find window. Press escape to exit.

main for Privacy Settings

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Ctrl+Shift+F Turn in-private filtering on or off (watch icon change in status bar)
Ctrl+Shift+P Open private browsing window / incognito mode.
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Open 'Delete Browsing History' Menu.

Manage IE8 Windows

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Alt+Space Opens the title bar menu.
Alt+Space+Enter Restore Window (default Windows feature).
Alt+Space+X Maximize Window (default Windows feature).
Alt+Space+N Minimize Window (default Windows feature).
Alt+Shift+Enter Toggle regular window / full screen without toolbars
F11 Turn full page view on or off (default Windows feature).
F6 Move forward between window elements.
Ctrl+N Open a new browser window.
F4 Close IE8 Window.
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Ctrl+E Jump to the Instant Search box (box on top right corner of browser window).
Ctrl+Arrow Down View list of search providers.
Alt+Enter Open search results in new tab.

The Rest

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Alt+P Print the current webpage.
F12 Open Developer Tools.
Ctrl+O/Ctrl+L Open location.
Alt+V+C View webpage source in default editor (used to be ctrl+u but that was discontinued).
F1 Display Internet Explorer Help or to display context Help about an item in a dialog box.
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program