Shortcuts ACDSee for Windows

ACDSee is a commercial program for viewing and managing a collection of images produced by ACD Systems. Contains numerous tools for image processing, including batch.

View Mode

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
\ Tag/Untag Image
= Zoom in Image
Alt+1..5 Assign a color label
Alt+0 Remove assigned color label
Alt+\ Toogle Zoom lock On/Off
Alt+D Open Edit Caption Dialog Box
Alt+M Move current item to a folder you specify
Alt+O Open ACDSee Pro Options Dialog Box
Alt+R Open Rename Dialog Box
Alt+S Start/Stop Auto Advance Slideshow
Alt+X Remove currently displayed item from Image Basket in Manage Mode
B Displays/Hide Status Bar
Alt+. Move focus in Properties Pane in Next tab
Alt+Enter Open/Close Properties Pane
Alt+Down Arrow Zoom Image to Fit the Height
Alt+Right Arrow Zoom Image to Fit the Width
Backspace Display Previous Item in Slideshow, Auto Advance or View Sequence
Ctrl+1..5 Assign Rating
Ctrl+0 Remove Rating
Ctrl+Left Arrow Show Previous Image
Ctrl+Right Arrow Show Next Image
Ctrl+A Show/Hide Header and Footers
Ctrl+B Add Currently Displayed Item to Image Basket
Ctrl+D Open Selected Image in Develop Mode
Ctrl+E Open Selected Image in Edit Mode
Ctrl+F Open Batch convert File Format Dialog Box
Ctrl+O Open File Dialog Box
Ctrl+T Open Batch Adjust TimeStamp Dialog Box
Ctrl+J Open Batch Rotate/Flip Images Dialog Box
Ctrl+-/Ctrl++ Reduce/Increase Magnification of Area inside magnifying Glass Pane
Ctrl+F4 Close Current Item
Ctrl+W Close ACDSee
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Rotate Current Image 90 counter clock wise
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Rotate Current Image 90 Clock Wise
Ctrl+Alt+B Open Batch Edit dialog Box
Ctrl+Alt+E Open Export Dialog Box
Ctrl+Alt+L Open Previous Image
Ctrl+Alt+W Sets Selected Image as a Stretched Desktop Wallpaper
Ctrl+Alt+X Open Current Image in Default Eternal Editor
Ctrl+Shift+A Open/Close Histogram Pane
Ctrl+Shift+F Toggle Full Screen Mode
Ctrl+Shift+S Open/Close Navigator Pane
Ctrl+Shift+T Show/Hide Bottom Toolbar
Ctrl+Shift+1 Change Image Color Depth to Black and white
Ctrl+Shift+2 Change Image Color Depth to 16 Grays
Ctrl+Shift+3 Change Image Color Depth to 256 Grays
Ctrl+Shift+4 Change Image Color Depth to 16 colors
Ctrl+Shift+5 Change Image Color Depth to 256 colors
Ctrl+Shift+6 Change Image Color Depth to Hicolor
Ctrl+Shift+7 Change Image Color Depth to Truecolor
E Toggle Exposure Warning On/off
End Display Last Selected Item
F Toggle Full Screen Mode
F1 Open ACDSee pro Help File
F2 Open Rename File Dialog Box
F5 efreshes View Mode Window and Relods Current Image
L Toggle Pan lock
Shift+Delete Remove Current Item from Hard Drive
Enter Close View Mode and Returns to Previous Mode
Esc Close current Dialog Box/Close View Mode and Returns Previous Mode
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program