Shortcuts Adobe Dreamweaver for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Adobe Dreamweaver for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 142 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

Coding Shortcuts

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Ctrl+E Quick Edit
Ctrl+K Quick Doc
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Open/Add Line Above
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar Show Parameter Hint
Alt+Click+Drag Multi-cursor column / Rectangular selection
Ctrl+Click Multi-cursor discontiguous selection
Ctrl+Spacebar Show code hints
Ctrl+] Select Child
Ctrl+G Go to Line
Ctrl+[ Select Parent Tag
Ctrl+Shift+C Collapse Selection
Ctrl+Alt+C Collapse Outside Selection
Ctrl+Shift+E Expand Selection
Ctrl+Shift+J Collapse Full Tag
Ctrl+Alt+J Collapse Outside Full Tag
Ctrl+Alt+E Expand All
Ctrl+Shift+> Indent Code
Ctrl+Shift+< Outdent Code
Ctrl+' Balance Braces
Ctrl+Alt+N Code Navigator
Ctrl+Backspace Delete word left
Ctrl+Delete Delete word right
Shift+Up Arrow Select line up
Shift+Down Arrow Select line down
Shift+Left Arrow Character select left
Shift+Right Arrow Character select right
Shift+PgUp Select to page up
Shift+PgDn Select to page down
Ctrl+Left Arrow Move word left
Ctrl+Right Arrow Move word right
Alt+Left Arrow Move to start of current line
Alt+Right Arrow Move to end of current line
Ctrl+/ Toggle line comment
Ctrl+Shift+/ Toggle block comment (for PHP and JS files)
Ctrl+D Duplicate line selection
Ctrl+Shift+D Delete line (s)
Ctrl+J Jump to definition (JS files)
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow Select word right
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow Select word left
Ctrl+Home Move to top of file
Ctrl+End Move to end of file
Ctrl+Shift+Home Select to start of file
Ctrl+Shift+End Select to end of file
Ctrl+Alt+` Go to Source Code
Ctrl+W Close Window
Ctrl+Q Quit Application
Ctrl+T Quick Tag Editor
Ctrl+Right Arrow Go to Next Word
Ctrl+Left Arrow Go to Previous Word
Ctrl+Up Arrow Go to Previous Paragraph (Design View)
Ctrl+Down Arrow Go to Next Paragraph (Design View)
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow Select Until Next Word
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow Select from Previous Word
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow Select from Previous Paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow Select Until Next Paragraph
Ctrl+Alt+PgDn Move to next property pane
Ctrl+Alt+PgUp Move to previous property pane
Ctrl+Shift+N New in same window
Ctrl+Return Exit Paragraph
Ctrl+Tab Next Document
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Previous Document
Ctrl+Shift+3 Surround with #

Files Panel

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Ctrl+Shift+N New File
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N New Folder

Find and Replace

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Ctrl+F Find in Current Document
Ctrl+Shift+F Find and Replace in Files
Ctrl+H Replace in Current Document
F3 Find Next
Shift+F3 Find Previous
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Find All and Select
Ctrl+R Add Next Match to Selection
Ctrl+Alt+R Skip and Add Next Match to Selection


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Ctrl+Alt+I Insert Image
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V Insert HTML5 Video
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E Insert Animated Composition
Ctrl+Alt+F Insert Flash SWF
Shift+Return Insert Line Break


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F9 Compile CSS Preprocessors
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+= Add CSS selector or property which ever panel is in focus
Ctrl+Alt+S Add CSS selector
Ctrl+Alt+P Add CSS property

Guides,Grids and Rulers(Design View)

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Ctrl+; Show Guides
Ctrl+Alt+; Lock Guides
Ctrl+Shift+; Snap to Guides
Ctrl+Shift+G Guides Snap to Elements
Ctrl+Alt+G Show Grid
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G Snap to Grid
Ctrl+Alt+R Show Rulers


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F12 Real-time Preview in Primary Browser
Shift+F12 Preview in Secondary Browser

View Specific

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F6 Freeze JavaScript (Live View)
Ctrl+Alt+H Hide Live View Displays
Ctrl+` Switch Views
Alt+Shift+F11 Inspect (Live View)
Ctrl+Shift+I Hide all visual aids (Design View)
Ctrl+Shift+F11 Toggle between Design and Live View


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Ctrl+U Preferences
F4 Show Panels
Shift+F4 Behaviors
F10 Code Inspector
Shift+F11 CSS Designer
Ctrl+F7 DOM
F8 Files
Ctrl+F2 Insert
Ctrl+F3 Properties
Shift+F6 Output
F7 Search
Shift+F9 Snippets
F1 Dreamweaver Online Help


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Ctrl+Alt+] Indent
Ctrl+Alt+[ Outdent
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Shift+F7 Spell Check
Ctrl+Shift+L Remove Link


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Ctrl+= Zoom in (Design and Live View)
Ctrl+- Zoom Out (Design and Live View)
Ctrl+0 100%
Ctrl+Alt+5 50%
Ctrl+Alt+2 200%
Ctrl+Alt+3 300%
Ctrl+Alt+0 Fit Selection
Ctrl+Shift+0 Fit All
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0 Fit Width
Ctrl++ Increase Font Size
Ctrl+- Decrease Font Size
Ctrl+0 Restore Font Size


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Ctrl+Alt+T Insert Table
Ctrl+Alt+M Merge Cells
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T Split Cell
Ctrl+M Insert Row
Ctrl+Shift+A Insert Column
Ctrl+Shift+M Delete Row
Ctrl+Shift+- Delete Column
Ctrl+Shift+] Increase Column Span
Ctrl+Shift+[ Decrease Column Span

Site Management

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Ctrl+Alt+D Get File
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D Check out File
Ctrl+Shift+U Put File
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U Check in File
Ctrl+F8 Check Links Sitewide
Ctrl+Shift+T Show Page Titles
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