Shortcuts Evernote for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the Evernote for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 62 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

Shortcuts that can be used any time

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Ctrl+Alt+n Switch to Evernote and jump to a new note
Win+ PrintScreen Start screen capture mode. Press Escape to cancel
Win+a Clip selection
Win+Shift+f Find in Evernote (Starts a new Evernote search)
Ctrl+Alt+v Paste clipboard into Evernote as a new note

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
F5 Cycle through note list views (Table, Mixed, Thumbnails)
Ctrl+F5 Set note list to Table view
Ctrl+F6 Set note list to Mixed view
Ctrl+F7 Set note list to Thumbnails view
F10 Toggle display of left panel
F11 Toggle display of note list
Ctrl+F11 Toggle display of note panel
Ctrl+F10 Toggle display of the search explanation
F8 Toggle display of note info panel
Ctrl+F8 Toggle display of note editing toolbar

Note List

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Go to to previous note / go to nexst note
Page Up/Page Down Scroll list up one page / down one page
Home/End Go to the first note in list / last note in list
Delete Move selected notes to trash
Ctrl+a Select all notes
Ctrl+Enter Open the selected note in a separate window (Alt + F4 to close window)
Ctrl+Shift+e Send selected notes by email
Ctrl+p Open Print dialog for selected notes
Ctrl+F2 Open print preview window for selected notes
Enter Places focus in the note editor of the selected note.
Ctrl+Alt+t Open "Assign Tags" dialog

Note Editor

Windows Description Edit Cancel Save & submit
F8 Toggle display of note info
Ctrl+F8 Toggle display of note editing toolbar
F2 Rename focused notebook, note, tag or saved search
F3 Set focus to the tag field of the active note
Esc Move focus from note editor to note list
Ctrl+f Search within a note
Ctrl+g Find next (or Enter)
Ctrl+Shift+g Find Previous (or Shift+Enter)
Ctrl+s Save current note explicitly (notes are also saved automatically)
Ctrl+a Select All content in the current note
Ctrl+x/Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v Cut / Copy / Paste
Ctrl+Shift+v Paste text from clipboard as unformatted text
Ctrl+z Undo last edit
Ctrl+y Redo last undone edit
Ctrl+b Make selection bold
Ctrl+i Make selection italic
Ctrl+u Make selection underlined
Ctrl+t Make selection strikethrough
Ctrl+Shift+b Format selection as bulleted list
Ctrl+Shift+o Format selection as ordered list
Ctrl+d Open font dialog to change font face, size and color for selected text
Ctrl+Shift+> Increase font size / Decrease font size for selected text (or Use Ctrl+[/])
Ctrl+Space Remove formatting
Ctrl+m/Ctrl+Shift+m Increase indent for current paragraph or for selection (Or use Tab/Shift+Tab)
Ctrl+l Align current paragraph or selection left
Ctrl+r Align current paragraph or selection right
Ctrl+e Align current paragraph or selection center
Ctrl+j Align current paragraph or selection justified
Ctrl+Shift+c Insert a "To Do" checkbox
Ctrl+Shift+x Open "Encrypt selection" dialog on a selected text
Alt+Shift+d Insert current date and time (or use Ctrl+;
Ctrl+ Click on a hyperlink Open hyperlink under caret (or use Ctrl+Enter)
Ctrl+k Add Hyperlink
Ctrl+Shift+k Edit Hyperlink
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Remove hyperlink
Ctrl+Shift+- Insert horizontal line
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program