Shortcuts TextMate for MacOS

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the TextMate for MacOS which is used on the operating system MacOS, in this hotkeys description 117 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

General Shortcuts

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Command+N New
Command+Ctrl+N New Project
Command+O Open
Command+S Save
Command+Shift+S Save As
Command+Option+S Save All
Command+Ctrl+S Save Project
Command+Shift+Ctrl+S Save Project As
Command+Ctrl+R Reveal in Project
Command+P Print
Command+? Help
Command+Z Undo
Command+Shift+Z Redo
Command+C Copy
Command+X Cut
Command+V Paste
Command+Shift+V Paste Previous
Command+Ctrl+Option+V Paste from Clipboard
Command+Ctrl+V Paste without Re-indent
Esc Completion
Command+Option+O Overwrite Mode
Command+Option+E Freehand Editing
Ctrl+W Select Word
Command+Shift+L Select Line
Command+A Select All
Option+Ctrl+B Select Current Scope
Command+Shift+B Select Enclosing Brackets
Command+F Find
Command+G Find Next
Command+Shift+G Find Previous
Command+Shift+F Find in Project
Command+Ctrl+F Replace All
Command+Option+F Find and Replace
Command+Ctrl+Shift+F Replace All in Selection
Command+E Use Selection for Find
Command+Shift+E Use Selection for Replace
Command+J Jump to Selection
Command+: Spelling
Command+; Check Spelling
Command+Option+; Check Spelling as you type
Command+Option+T Special Characters
Command++ Zoom Font
Command+- Zoom out Font
Command+Option+B Display/Hide Bookmarks
Command+Option+L Display/Hide Line numbers
Command+Ctrl+Option+D Display/Hide Project Drawer
Command+Option+W Soft Wrap
Command+Option+I Display/Hide Invisibles
F1 Fold Current Block
Ctrl+U Uppercase
Ctrl+Shift+U Lowercase
Ctrl+Option+U Titlecase
Ctrl+G Opposite Case
Command+Ctrl+Up Arrow / Down Arrow Move line Up/Down
Command+Ctrl+Left Arrow / Right Arrow Move Column Up/Down
Command+[ Left Shift
Command+] Right Shift
Command+Option+[ Indent Line
Command+Option+A Edit each line in selection
Ctrl+Q Reformat Paragraph
Ctrl+J Reformat and Justify
Ctrl+Option+Q Unwrap Paragraph
Ctrl+R Execute line inserting result
Command+Option+R Filter through Command
Command+F2 Add/Remove Bookmark
F2 / Shift+F2 Jump to Next/Previous Bookmark
Command+Option+Left Arrow / Right Arrow Navigate Tabs
Command+Option+Up Arrow Go to Header/Source
Command+T Go to File
Command+Shift+T Go to Symbol
Command+Option+Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down Arrow Scroll line Up/Down
Command+Option+Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right Arrow Scroll Column Up/Down
Command+L Go to Line
Command+Shift+J Go to Middle Visible Line
F5 Sort Lines
Command+Option+Ctrl+P Show Web preview
Ctrl+Esc Open Bundle Menu
Command+Ctrl+T Select Bundle Item
Ctrl+Shift+N Statistics for Document/Selection

Source Shortcut

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Command+/ Comment Line/Selection
Ctrl+] Lookup definition
Ctrl+ Toggle Single/Double Quotes
Command+ Escaped Double Quotes
Command+Option+ Escaped Single Quotes
Ctrl+Shift+B Insert Comment Banner
Enter Continue Line Comment
Command+Return Move to EOL and Insert LF
Command+Option+Return Move to EOL and Insert ;
Command+Shift+Return Move to Eol and Insert ;+LF
Ctrl+Return NewLine
Command+Ctrl+Shift+T Convert Space to Tabs
Ctrl+Shift+H Convert Source to HTML
Command+Option+Ctrl+P View Source as HTML

Apache Shortcut

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Ctrl+H Search on

HTML Shortcuts

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Ctrl+Option+V Validate
Ctrl+H Documentation
Ctrl+Shift+H Tidy
Command+R Refresh Browser
Command+& Convert to Entities/URL Escapes
Ctrl+< Insert Open/Close Tag
Command+Option+. Insert Close Tag
Ctrl+Shift+W Wrap selection in Open/Close Tag
Command+Ctrl+Shift+W Wrap Each Selected line as Tag
Ctrl+Shift+L Wrap Selection as Link
Ctrl+Return Br
Command+B Strong
Command+I Emphasize

XML Shortcuts

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Ctrl+Shift+V Validate
Ctrl+Shift+H Tidy

JavaScript Shortcuts

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Ctrl+H Documentation

CSS Shortcuts

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Ctrl+H Documentation
Ctrl+Shift+V Validate
Command+Option+Ctrl+P Preview

PHP Shortcuts

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Ctrl+H Documentation
Ctrl+Shift+V Validate
Enter Continue Block Comment
Command+Shift+R Run
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