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Hot keys for Adobe Photoshop CC allow you not only to increase productivity and work faster, but also to focus on really important work, when, for example, you need to work continuously with a picture and there is no possibility to switch to the menu. In this case, the shortcut combinations help out great. In Adobe Photoshop SS in the menu, opposite each team, spelled shortcuts. Calling shortcuts works in combination with English letters on any layout. The main modifiers are Ctrl, Shift and Alt. We collected all the combinations available in Photoshop, divided them into categories for convenience. Determine what actions you perform most often, remember the list of hot keys, and work faster and better.

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Click in empty area of panel Create new swatch from foreground color
Command+Click swatch Set swatch color as background color
Option+Click swatch Delete swatch

Selecting Tools

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For selecting tools, press Shift+Letter to cycle through the sub-tools of each. Alt+Click on Tool cycles through hidden tools H
Hand tool V
Move Tool M
Marquee Tools L
Lasso Tools W
Magic Wand and Quick Selection Tool C
Crop and Slice Tools I
Eyedropper, Color Sampler, Ruler, Note, and Count Tool J
Spot Healing Brush, Patch, and Red Eye Tool B
Brush, Pencil, Color Replacement, and S
Clone Stamp tool Y
History Brush tool E
Eraser tool G
Gradient tool O
Dodge tool P
Pen tool T
Type tool A
Path Selection tool U
Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, and Custom Shape Tool K
3D Object Tools N
3D Camera Tools R
Rotate View tool Z
Zoom tool

Manage Views

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Ctrl+Tab Cycle forwards/ backwards through open documents
F/Shift+F Toggle Fullscreen Modes forward/ backwards
Command+[+]/- Zoom in/ zoom out
Command+0 Zoom to fit screen
Command+1 Zoom to 100%
Press and hold H, then Click Temporarily Zoom into an Image
Command+' Show/Hide Grid
Command+; Show/Hide Guides
Command+R Show/Hide Rulers
Space Temporarily Switch to Hand Tool
Shift+Page Up/Page Down Scroll up/ scroll down in small increments
Page Up/Page Down Scroll up/ down one screen
Home/End Scroll to to upper-left/ lower-right corner
Command+Shift+; Toggle Snap
Command+Option+; Lock Guides
Command+Y Proof Colors
Shift+Command+Y Gamut Warning
Command+H Extras
Shift+Command+H Show Target Path

Refine Edge Dialog Box

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Command+Option+R Open Refine Edge Dialog Box
F/Shift+F Cycle forwards/backwards through preview modes
X Toggle between original image and selection preview
P Toggle between original selection and refined version
J Toggle radius preview on and off
Shift+E Toggle between Refine Radius and Erase Refinements tools

Liquify Window

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Shift+Command+X Open Liquify Window
W Forward Warp tool
R Reconstruct tool
C Twirl Clockwise tool
S Pucker tool
B Bloat tool
O Push Left tool
M Mirror tool
T Turbulence tool
F Freeze Mask tool
D Thaw Mask tool
Option+ tool Reverse direction for Bloat, Pucker, Push Left, and Mirror tools
Option+Drag in preview Continually sample the distortion
Arrow Down/Arrow Up Decrease/increase brush size by 2, or most other parameters by 1 (With Brush Size, Density, Pressure, Rate, or Turbulent Jitter slider showing)
Tab Cycle forwards/backwards through controls on right from top
Option Change Cancel to Reset

Vanishing Point Tools (Brush, Stamp, Plane, Marquee, etc)

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[/] Increase/ Decrease Brush Size (Brush and Stamp Tools)
Shift+[/] Increase/ Decrease Brush Hardnewss

Black-and-White Dialog Box

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Shift+Command+Option+B Open Black-and-White Dialog Box
Tab/Shift+Tab Jump to next/ jump to previous slider
Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down Increase/Decrease selected value by 10%
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Increase/Decrease selected value by 1%

Curves Dialog Box

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Command+M Open Curves Dialog Box
Click Add a point to the Curve
+/- Cycle through point on the curve
Command+D Delete a point from the Curve
Shift+Click Select one or multiple points on the curve
Delete Delete selected points on the curve
Arrow Keys Move selected points by 1 unit
Shift+Arrow Keys Move selected points by 10 unit
Command+Click on the Image Add a Point to the composite curve
Shift+Command+Click on the Image Add a Point to the channel curve

Select and Move Objects

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Any selection tool +Shift+Drag Add to a selection
Any selection tool +Option+Drag Subtract from a selection
Any selection tool (except Quick Selection tool) + Shift-Option+Drag Intersect a selection
Shift+Drag Constrain marquee to square or circle
Option+Drag Draw marquee from center
Option+Shift+Drag Constrain shape and draw marquee from center
Command Switch to Move Tool (except when Hand, Slice, Path, Shape, or any Pen Tool is selected
Option+Drag Switch from Magnetic Lasso Tool to Lasso Tool
Option+Click Switch from Magnetic Lasso Tool to polygonal Lasso Tool
Enter Apply an operation of the Magnetic Lasso; press Escape to cancel
Move Tool +Option+Drag selection Move copy of selection
Any selection +Arrow Keys Move selection area 1 pixel
Move Tool +Arrow Keys Move selection 1 pixel
Command+Arrow Keys Move layer 1 pixel when nothing selected on layer
Magnetic Lasso Tool +[/] Increase/decrease detection width (follow width in status bar)
Crop tool +Enter Accept cropping. Press Escape to exit croppoing
/ Toggle crop shield off and on
Ruler Tool +Option+Drag end point Make protractor
Shift+Drag guide Snap guide to ruler ticks (except when View > Snap is unchecked)
Option+Drag guid Convert between horizontal and vertical guide

Transform Selections, Borders, and Paths

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Option Transform from center or reflect
Shift Constrain
Command Distort
Enter Apply
Esc Cancel
Command+Option+T Free transform with duplicate data
Command+Option+Shift+T Transform again with duplicate data

Edit Paths

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Direct selection tool +Shift+Click Select multiple anchor points
Direct selection tool +Option+Click Select entire path
Pen (any Pen Tool), Path Selection / Direct Selection tool +Command+Option+Drag Duplicate a path
Command Switch to Direct Selection tool (from Path Selection, Pen, etc.)
Option Switch to Convert Point Tool (from Pen Tools) when pointer is over anchor or direction point
Magnetic Pen Tool + Double-click Close path
Magnetic Pen Tool +Option+ Double-click Close path with straight-line segment

Painting Tools

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Any Painting Tool +Ctrl+Option+ Command and drag Select foreground color from color picker
Any Painting Tool +Option Select foreground color from image with Eyedropper tool
Eyedropper tool +Option+Click Select background color
Eyedropper tool +Shift Color sampler tool
Color sampler tool +Option+Click Deletes color sampler
Any painting / Editing Tool + 0..9 Sets opacity, tolerance, strength, or exposure for Painting Mode to 10%, 20% etc. use 0 for 100%, and use 2 numbers in quick succession for specific percentage.
Any Painting / Editing Tool +Shift+0..9 Sets flow for Painting Mode
Option+Shift+ 1...9 Mixer Brush changes Mix setting
1...9 Mixer Brush changes Wet setting
0 (zero) Mixer Brush changes Wet and Mix to zero
Shift+[+]/- Cycle through blending modes
Delete Open Fill dialog box on background or standard layer
Option+Delete Fill with foreground or background color
Command+Option+Delete Fill from history
Shift+Delete Displays Fill dialog box
/ Lock transparent pixels on/ off
Any Painting Tool +Shift+Click Connects points with a straight line

Blending Modes

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Shift+[+]/- Cycle through blending modes
Option+Shift+N Normal
Option+Shift+I Dissolve
Option+Shift+Q Behind (Brush tool only)
Option+Shift+R Clear (Brush tool only)
Option+Shift+K Darken
Option+Shift+M Multiply
Option+Shift+B Color Burn
Option+Shift+A Linear Burn
Option+Shift+G Lighten
Option+Shift+S Screen
Option+Shift+D Color Dodge
Option+Shift+W Linear Dodge
Option+Shift+O Overlay
Option+Shift+F Soft Light
Option+Shift+H Hard Light
Option+Shift+V Vivid Light
Option+Shift+J Linear Light
Option+Shift+Z Pin Light
Option+Shift+L Hard Mix
Option+Shift+E Difference
Option+Shift+X Exclusion
Option+Shift+U Hue
Option+Shift+T Saturation
Option+Shift+C Color
Option+Shift+Y Luminosity
Sponge tool +Option+Shift+D Desaturate
Sponge tool +Option+Shift+S Saturate
Dodge tool/Burn tool +Option+Shift+S Dodge/burn shadows
Dodge tool/Burn tool +Option+Shift+M Dodge/burn midtones
Dodge tool/Burn tool +Option+Shift+H Dodge/burn highlights
Option+Shift+N Set blending mode Normal (or to to Threshold for bitmap images)

Select and Edit Text

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Command+Drag type when Type layer is selected Move type in image
Shift+Arrow Keys Extend selection by 1 character
Shift+Click Select characters from insertion point to mouse click point
Shift+Click Create a new text layer, when a text layer is selected in the Layers panel
Click 2x, 3x, 4x, / 5x in fast succession Select a Word, Line, Paragraph, or Story
Command+H Hide/Show selection on selected type
Command Display the Bounding Box for transforming text (or activate Move Tool when inside the Bounding Box)
Command+Drag a bounding box handle Scale text within Bounding Box when resizing the bounding box
Space+Drag Move text box while creating text box

Format Text Type

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Command+Shift+ L,C, /R Align left, center, or right (Horizontal Type) or top, center, or bottom (Vertical Type)
Command+Shift+X Choose 100% horizontal scale
Command+Option+Shift+X Choose 100% vertical scale
Command+Option+Shift+A Choose Auto leading
Command+Ctrl+Shift+Q Choose 0 for tracking
Command+Shift+J Justify paragraph, left aligns last line
Command+Shift+F Justify paragraph, justifies all
Command+Ctrl+Option+Shift+H Toggle paragraph hyphenation
Command+Option+Shift+T Toggle single/every-line composer
Command+ Shift Decrease/ increase Type Size by 2 points or pixels
Option+Arrow Down/Arrow Up Decrease/ increase leading 2 points or pixels
Option+Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow Up Decrease/ increase Baseline Shift 2 points or pixels
Option+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Decrease or increase kerning/tracking 20/1000 ems

Slicing and Optimizing

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Command Toggle between Slice tool and Slice Selection tool
Shift+Drag Draw square slice
Option+Drag Draw from center outward
Option+Shift+Drag Draw square slice from center outward
Space+Drag Reposition slice while creating slice
Ctrl+Click slice Open context-sensitive menu
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