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PhpStorm is a commercial cross-platform integrated development environment for PHP. Work with the program is complicated and requires concentration. Remember the main hot keys in PhpStorm to speed up the workflow and not be distracted by tasks that are regularly repeated. Yes, it will take time, but when the fingers automatically find the necessary combinations on the keyboard, you can unload your hand with the mouse and work more productively. The combinations of hotkeys are already set by the developers, but it is possible to pump the tool for themselves. Hot keys in PhpStorm allow you to work with documents (quick formatting, auto-allocation), edit code (create duplicates, select blocks, move lines, add comments), use navigation faster. In this case, the hand with the mouse will be engaged only in those tasks that can not be shifted to the shortcut keys.

General Shortcuts

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Alt+0..9 Open Corresponding Tool Window
Ctrl+S Save All
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Toggle Maximize Editor
Ctrl+Shift+A Find Action
Ctrl+Tab Switch Editor Tabs and IDE Tool Windows
Ctrl+Alt+S Open Setting Dialog
Ctrl+Alt+F11 Toggle Full Screen Mode
Alt+Shift+F Add to Favourites
Double Shift Search Everywhere
Alt+Shift+I Inspect Current file with Current file


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Shift+F8 Step Out
F8 Step Over
F7 Step Into
Alt+F8 Evaluate Expression
Ctrl+F8 Toggle Breakpoint
Ctrl+Shift+F8 View Breakpoints
F9 Resume Program

Find and Replace

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Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+R Replace
F3 Find Next
Shift+F3 Find Previous
Ctrl+Shift+F Find in Path
Ctrl+Shift+R Replace in Path


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Ctrl+Spacebar Basic Code Completion
Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar Class name Completion
Ctrl+Q Quick Documentation Lookup
Ctrl+Mouse Over Brief Info
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Complete Statement
Ctrl+P Parameter Information
Ctrl+O Override Methods
Alt+Insert Generate Code
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow Move Line(Selection) Up/Down
Ctrl+Alt+T Surround With..(Begin..End etc.)
Ctrl+/ Comment/Uncomment with Line Comment
Ctrl+Shift+/ Comment/Uncomment with Block Comment
Ctrl+I Implements Method
Alt+Enter Show Intention Actions and Quick Fixes
Ctrl+Alt+L Reformat Code
Ctrl+D Duplicate Current Line
Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V Cut/Copy/Paste Current line to Clipboard
Ctrl+Alt+I AutoIndent Lines
Ctrl+Y Delete line at caret
Shift+Enter Start New line
Ctrl+F4 Close Active editor tab
Alt+Enter Show Intention Actions/Quick-Fixes
Ctrl+Shift+W Decrease Current Selection to Previous State
Ctrl+W Select Successively Incresing Code blocks
Ctrl+NumPad +/Ctrl+NumPad - Expand/Collapse Code block
Ctrl+Del Delete to end word
Ctrl+Backspace Delete to word start
Ctrl+Shift+] Select till code block end
Ctrl+Shift+[ Select till code block start
Ctrl+Shift+U Switch case for Word at Caret or Selected block


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F5 Copy
F6 Move
Alt+Del Safe Delete
Shift+F6 Rename
Ctrl+Alt+N Inline Variable
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T Refactor This(Show All Available Refactoring)
Ctrl+Alt+M Extract Method
Ctrl+Alt+F Introduce Field
Ctrl+Alt+C Introduce Constant
Ctrl+Alt+V Introduce Variable
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Ctrl+N Go to Class
Ctrl+Shift+N Go to File
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N Go to Symbol
F2 Next highlighted Error
Shift+F2 Previous highlighted Error
Ctrl+G Go to Line
Ctrl+E Recent files Popup
Alt+F1 Select current file/Symbol in any View
Alt+Left Arrow/Alt+Right Arrow Go to Next/Previous Tab
Ctrl+B Go to Declaration
Ctrl+Alt+B Go to Implementation
Ctrl+Shift+B Go to Type Declaration
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow/Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Navigate back/forward
Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Go to last edit location
Ctrl+U Go to super method/super class
Alt+Home Show Navigation bar
F4 Edit Source
Ctrl+Enter View Source
Ctrl+]/Ctrl+[ Move to code block end/start
Alt+Up Arrow/Alt+Down Arrow Go to Previous/Next Method
Ctrl+Shift+I Open Quick Definition Lookup

Compile and Run

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Ctrl+Shift+X Run Command Line
Shift+F10 Run
Shift+F9 Debug
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Run Context editor from Editor
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Ctrl+F7 Find Usage in File
Alt+F7 Find Usage
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Highlight Usage in File
Ctrl+Alt+F7 Show Usage

VCS/Local History

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Ctrl+K Commit Project to VCS
Ctrl+T Update Project from VCS
Ctrl+Shift+E View Recent Changes
Alt+` VCS Operations Popup

Live Template/Snippets

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Ctrl+J Insert Live Template
eco echo' Statement
fore foreach(iterable_expr as $value){…}
forek foreach(iterable_expr as $key=>$value){…}
prif private function
prof protected function
pubf public function
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program