Shortcuts TVPaint Animation for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the TVPaint Animation for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 89 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

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Ctrl+O Hide Other Projects
Ctrl+P Show All Projects
Ctrl+1 Show Timeline Tab
Ctrl+2 Show XSheet Tab
Ctrl+3 Show Project Tab
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Shift+PgUp/Ctrl+Shift+PgDn Rotate Workspace
A Shake
B Toggle CutBrush
C Rotate
D Freehand
E Next
F Flood Fill
G Toggle
H Halve Size
I Append Images
J Exachange
L Line
M New Zoom Window
N Invert A/B
O Outline
P Toggle Palette Panel
Q Spline
R Rectangle
S Freehand Dot
T Text
U Last Action/Undo
V Full Screen
W Flip Book
X Flip Horizontally
Y Flip Vertically
Z Resize
Shift+A Interface:Toggle Tools Panel
Shift+B Toggle Background Panel
Shift+C Set
Shift+D Open Preferences Panel
Shift+F Layer:Goto Image
Shift+G Open Grid Panel
Shift+H Double Size
Shift+I Insert Images
Shift+J Copy To
Shift+K Clear
Shift+L Load
Shift+N New
Shift+O Toggle Handler Corner
Shift+P Set
Shift+Q Quit
Shift+S Save
Shift+U Multi Redo
Shift+V Show Full Page
Shift+W Close
Shift+X Double Width
Shift+Y Multi Redo
Shift+Z Totate 90
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+D Magic Number
Ctrl+E Previous
Ctrl+F Slide To
Ctrl+K Configure Keyboard
Ctrl+I Light Table Mode
Ctrl+O Hide Other
Ctrl+P Show All Project
Ctrl+S Select Image from Keys
Ctrl+Y Flip vertically
0 Toggle Layer Panel
1 Scroll Down left
2 Scroll Down
3 Scroll Down Right
4 Scroll Left
5 Center
6 Scroll Right
7 Scroll Up Left
8 Scroll Up
9 Scroll Up Right
Ctrl+NumPad 1 Open Timeline Panel
Ctrl+Numpad 2 Open XSheet Panel
Ctrl+NumPad 3 Open Project Panel
/ Brush Decrese Size 2
* Brush Increase Size 2
- Brush Decrease Size
+ Brush Increase Size
, Pick Layer
; Color Pick
: Brush Reset
Zoom Out/Zoom in
F1 Help
F2 ... F7 Drawing Mode: 01 ... 06
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program