Shortcuts CamBam for Windows

We present to your attention the shortcuts for the CamBam for Windows which is used on the operating system Windows, in this hotkeys description 32 of the most popular and important shortcuts are offered. You can also add your changes on our portal if you consider the data insufficiently complete or add a new program from the very beginning.

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Ctrl+A Select All objects
Shift+Ctrl+A Select All objects on the active layer
Ctrl+B Edit Break at intersections
Ctrl+C Copy selected object to the clipboard
Ctrl+E Resize selected drawing objects
Ctrl+F Open the Toolpath Filter window
Ctrl+G Toggle Snap to Grid Mode
Ctrl+J Join selected drawing objects
Ctrl+M Move selected drawing objects
Ctrl+O Open a file
Ctrl+P Convert Selected Objects to Polylines
Ctrl+R Rotate selected drawing objects
Ctrl+S Save the current file
Ctrl+T Regenerate All Toolpaths
Ctrl+U Union selected drawing objects
Ctrl+V Paste from the clipboard
Shift+Ctrl+V Copy the format from the clipboard object to the selected object
Ctrl+W Produce gcode file
Ctrl+X Cut object and place on clipboard
Ctrl+Y Redo the last undone operation
Ctrl+Z Undo the last operation
A Draw An Arc
C Draw A Circle
D Draw a point list (dots)
M Measure
P Draw A Polyline
R Draw a rectangle
T Insert Text
Cursor Movement Pan the drawing view
PgUp/Numpad - Zoom out
PgDn/Numpad + Zoom in
Home Reset View
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*Some of the keys listed may not work in older versions of the program